Why Are Strong Magnets Called Rare Earth?

The Origin of Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets being called Rare Earth   The first ‘Rare Earth’ Magnet was developed in the 1960s based on work done by Karl Strnat and Alden Rey at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the University of Dayton.  The development of the Samarium–Cobalt Magnet (made of an alloy of samarium and cobalt […]


Designing Specialist Magnetic Assemblies

Bunting Magnetics Europe Designing and Manufacturing Small Magnet Assemblies The design and manufacture of Magnetic Assemblies is one of Bunting’s Magnet specialties.  Such Magnetic Assemblies are supplied to companies across the European manufacturing sector.  To explain in greater detail, we examine one specific Magnetic Assembly. The components shown in the photograph are part of a […]


How Are These Coins Balanced On The Mug?

Magnet Magic from Bunting eMagnets Even Doctor Who would have been impressed by this balancing act.  Four normal UK coins (5-pence, 1-pence, 10-pence and 2-pence) were balanced end-on-end on the rim of a Doctor Who TARDIS mug.  Pretty impressive. What you see in the photograph is fact.  There has been no post-processing of the photo […]


Work Holding Magnets

eMagnets UK Product Range of the Month for March 2017 Work Holding Magnets are our featured Product of the Month for March 2017.  Work Holding Magnets are used widely in industry to hold, lift, and secure metal parts during the production process. Included in the Work Holding Magnets range are: Permanent Magnetic Chucks Permanent Magnetic […]


UK Magnetics Society conference on Non Rotating Machines

Propulsion Actuation or Levitation With Magnets Matthew Swallow, our Technical Sales Engineer for Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies, recently attended the UK Magnetic Society’s event on Non-Rotating Machines. As the UK Magnetic Society acknowledge, providing propulsion, actuation or levitation requires unique machines and advanced control techniques.  It also presents its own set of challenges.  The seminar, […]


Magnets and Magnetics at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2017

Neodymium Magnets and Magnetic Chucks on the eMagnets UK and Bunting Stand eMagnets UK and Bunting Magnets will be magnetically attracting visitors to stand U74 at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show held at FIVE in Farnborough, UK (21st to 23rd March 2017).  On the stand will be a range of Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Magnetic Factory […]


The new eMagnets UK Website

Fresh Look for Online Magnet Sales Website eMagnets UK eMagnets UK has launched a brand new website for the online purchase of Magnets, Magnetic Components and Magnetic Equipment. eMagnets UK, which is part of the Bunting Magnetics group of companies, is a specialist supplier of Neodymium Magnets and all magnetic materials and products. “This new site […]


Offshore Winch Eddy Current Brake with Magnetic Powers

Emergency Brake of an Offshore Winch Uses Rare Earth Magnetic Assembly The Bunting Magnet design team were contacted and asked to manufacture a Magnetic Assembly that would act as an emergency brake on an offshore winch. The original design called up bespoke Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets with a strength of 50MGOe (megaGauss oersted)  Such an […]


Car Roof Top Magnets

Clamping Magnets for Cars and Taxis This is one of those Magnets that is used globally, but nobody really notices.  The Car Roof Top Magnet, commonly used by Taxi drivers around the world. The Car Roof Top Magnet is designed for applications where high shear strength is required with minimum scratching.  It is a magnetic […]


Magnetic Sweeper Sweeps Away Metal

Magnetic Sweepers, Magnetic Handling Equipment and Magnetic Separators please contact our technical sales team on:

Metal Health and Safety Hazard Removed Magnetically Metal on the floor at a factory, warehouse or in a car park can be a nightmare.  Not only can the metal puncture tyres, but it is a health and safety hazard.  The Magnetic Sweeper solves that problem. Magnetic Sweepers are simple permanent magnet devices either used with […]