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Buy Made To Order online with e-Magnets UK™

e-Magnets UK stocks a wide range of magnets and magnetic assemblies available for Next Working Day delivery. However, you may have a need for a magnet that we do not show on our web site.

If you cannot find the right shape or grade of magnet or magnetic assembly, please contact us. We offer an extensive manufactured-to-order service for all types of magnets including Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), Ferrite, Alnico, Bonded, Injection Molded, Compression Molded, Rubber and Magnetic Assemblies (Pot Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers, Magnetic Rods and Grids, etc). If you need a custom made magnet (also known as bespoke magnet, made to measure magnet, made to order magnet, special magnet, non-stock item magnet, etc), we can help you.

Simply supply a drawing or sketch of your requirements for a free and without obligation quotation.

If you are not sure what you need then please feel free to call us on 0114 276 2264 and ask for a member of our technical sales team or alternatively send an e-mail to

The photograph shows a high specification custom Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnet destined for a new customer who asked us to make a magnet to their design requirements as part of our special Made To Order service.

We manufacture the complete range of magnetic grades for each permanent magnet material type. We also offer a range of coating finishes for the magnets. The below information is a summary of the Permanent Magnet Material Technical Data Sheets that we supply to our customers. We can send to the complete Permanent Magnet Data Sheets (including magnetic performance specifications, temperature coefficients, maximum operating temperatures, physical properties, example BH curve, etc) for each magnet material upon request.

Neodymium Iron Boron / NdFeB magnetic properties (minimum values shown; please ask us for full data sheets to explain the grades in more detail):-

N27:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N40:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42:- Br=1.28T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45:- Br=1.32T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48:- Br=1.38T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N50:- Br=1.4T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=382kJ/m^3
N52:- Br=1.43T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=398kJ/m^3
N27T:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30T:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33T:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35T:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38T:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N40T:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42T:- Br=1.28T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45T:- Br=1.32T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=955kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48T:- Br=1.38T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N50T:- Br=1.4T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=382kJ/m^3
N52T:- Br=1.43T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=875kA/m, (BH)max=398kJ/m^3
N27M:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30M:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33M:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35M:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38M:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40M:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42M:- Br=1.28T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45M:- Br=1.32T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48M:- Br=1.37T, Hc=1035kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N50M:- Br=1.4T, Hc=1035kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=382kJ/m^3
N27MT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30MT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33MT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35MT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38MT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40MT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42MT:- Br=1.28T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45MT:- Br=1.32T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48MT:- Br=1.37T, Hc=1035kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N50MT:- Br=1.4T, Hc=1035kA/m, Hci=1114kA/m, (BH)max=382kJ/m^3
N27H:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30H:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33H:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35H:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38H:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40H:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42H:- Br=1.28T, Hc=955kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45H:- Br=1.32T, Hc=995kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48H:- Br=1.37T, Hc=995kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N27HT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30HT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=796kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33HT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35HT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=867kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38HT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40HT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=923kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42HT:- Br=1.28T, Hc=955kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45HT:- Br=1.32T, Hc=995kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N48HT:- Br=1.37T, Hc=995kA/m, Hci=1353kA/m, (BH)max=366kJ/m^3
N27SH:- Br=1.03T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30SH:- Br=1.08T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33SH:- Br=1.13T, Hc=844kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35SH:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38SH:- Br=1.21T, Hc=907kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40SH:- Br=1.24T, Hc=939kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42SH:- Br=1.28T, Hc=963kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45SH:- Br=1.32T, Hc=1003kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N27SHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30SHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33SHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=844kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35SHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38SHT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=907kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
N40SHT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=939kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N42SHT:- Br=1.28T, Hc=963kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
N45SHT:- Br=1.32T, Hc=1003kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
L-N27SHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
L-N30SHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=804kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
L-N33SHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=844kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
L-N35SHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
L-N38SHT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=907kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=286kJ/m^3
L-N40SHT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=939kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
L-N42SHT:- Br=1.28T, Hc=963kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=318kJ/m^3
L-N45SHT:- Br=1.32T, Hc=1003kA/m, Hci=1592kA/m, (BH)max=342kJ/m^3
N27UH:- Br=1.03T, Hc=764kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30UH:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33UH:- Br=1.13T, Hc=851kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35UH:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38UH:- Br=1.21T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N40UH:- Br=1.24T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N27UHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=764kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30UHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33UHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=851kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35UHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38UHT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N40UHT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
L-N27UHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=764kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
L-N30UHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
L-N33UHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=851kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
L-N35UHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
L-N38UHT:- Br=1.21T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
L-N40UHT:- Br=1.24T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=1989kA/m, (BH)max=302kJ/m^3
N27EH:- Br=1.03T, Hc=780kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30EH:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33EH:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35EH:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38EH:- Br=1.22T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N27EHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=780kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30EHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33EHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35EHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
N38EHT:- Br=1.22T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
L-N27EHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=780kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
L-N30EHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
L-N33EHT:- Br=1.13T, Hc=836kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
L-N35EHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
L-N38EHT:- Br=1.22T, Hc=899kA/m, Hci=2387kA/m, (BH)max=287kJ/m^3
N27VH/AH:- Br=1.03T, Hc=772kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
N30VH/AH:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
N33VH/AH:- Br=1.14T, Hc=851kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
N35VH/AH:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3
L-N27VHT/AHT:- Br=1.03T, Hc=772kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=199kJ/m^3
L-N30VHT/AHT:- Br=1.08T, Hc=812kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=223kJ/m^3
L-N33VHT/AHT:- Br=1.14T, Hc=851kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=247kJ/m^3
L-N35VHT/AHT:- Br=1.17T, Hc=875kA/m, Hci=2785kA/m, (BH)max=263kJ/m^3

The current range of coatings available for NdFeB is as follows:-
Nickel-Copper-Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) [this is the standard coating], Everlube (6102G), Nickel (Ni), Epoxy (Black, Grey), Nickel-Copper plus Black Nickel , Zinc (Zn), White Zinc, Coloured (red, green, blue, etc), Gold (Au) [this is actually NiCuNi plus Gold], Tin (Sn), Parylene C, Titanium (Ti), Silver (Ag) [this is actually NiCuNi plus Silver], Ni-Cu-Ni plus Rubber, Zn plus Rubber, Ni-Cu-Ni plus Parylene C, PTFE ("Teflon®") in black or white or silvery or grey, Copper (NiCu or NiCuNiCu), Titanium Nitride (TiN), Chrome (bright/standard, black), Ni-Cu-Ni plus PTFE, Zn plus Everlube, Ni-Cu-Ni plus Everlube, Ni-Cu-Ni plus Epoxy, Tin (Sn) plus Parylene C, Zinc Chromate, Phosphate Passivation, Uncoated (bare – recommend vacuum packing as well), Plastic encased (this fits around pre-coated magnets to give additional protection and is not hermetic).
Other coatings may be possible - please let us know your requirements.

Samarium Cobalt / SmCo magnetic properties (SmCo has two alloys - Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17):-

Sm1Co5 / SmCo(1:5) (Typical Range of Values)
SmCo16(1:5):- Br=0.81-0.85T, Hc=620-660kA/m, Hci=1194-1830kA/m, (BH)max=110-127kJ/m^3
SmCo18(1:5):- Br=0.85-0.90T, Hc=660-700kA/m, Hci=1194-1830kA/m, (BH)max=127-143kJ/m^3
SmCo20(1:5):- Br=0.90-0.94T, Hc=680-725kA/m, Hci=1194-1830kA/m, (BH)max=150-167kJ/m^3
SmCo22(1:5):- Br=0.92-0.96T, Hc=710-750kA/m, Hci=1194-1830kA/m, (BH)max=160-175kJ/m^3
SmCo24(1:5):- Br=0.96-1.00T, Hc=730-770kA/m, Hci=1194-1830kA/m, (BH)max=175-190kJ/m^3
SmCo18S(1:5):- Br=0.85-0.90T, Hc=660-700kA/m, Hci=1433-2000kA/m, (BH)max=135-151kJ/m^3
SmCo20S(1:5):- Br=0.90-0.94T, Hc=680-725kA/m, Hci=1433-2000kA/m, (BH)max=143-160kJ/m^3
SmCo22S(1:5):- Br=0.92-0.96T, Hc=710-750kA/m, Hci=1433-2000kA/m, (BH)max=160-175kJ/m^3

Low Temperature Coefficient Sm1Co5 (Typical Range of Values)
SmCo10LTC(1:5):- Br=0.59-0.63T, Hc=460-493kA/m, Hci=1430-1830kA/m, (BH)max=68-80kJ/m^3

Sm2Co17 / SmCo(2:17) (Typical Range of Values)
SmCo24L:- Br=0.95-1.02T, Hc=557-716kA/m, Hci=636-955kA/m, (BH)max=175-191kJ/m^3
SmCo26L:- Br=1.02-1.05T, Hc=557-748kA/m, Hci=636-955kA/m, (BH)max=191-207kJ/m^3
SmCo28L:- Br=1.03-1.08T, Hc=557-765kA/m, Hci=636-955kA/m, (BH)max=207-220kJ/m^3
SmCo30L:- Br=1.08-1.15T, Hc=557-795kA/m, Hci=636-955kA/m, (BH)max=220-240kJ/m^3
SmCo32L:- Br=1.10-1.15T, Hc=557-810kA/m, Hci=636-955kA/m, (BH)max=230-255kJ/m^3
SmCo26M:- Br=1.02-1.05T, Hc=716-780kA/m, Hci=955-1273kA/m, (BH)max=191-207kJ/m^3
SmCo28M:- Br=1.03-1.08T, Hc=716-796kA/m, Hci=955-1273kA/m, (BH)max=207-220kJ/m^3
SmCo30M:- Br=1.08-1.10T, Hc=716-835kA/m, Hci=955-1273kA/m, (BH)max=220-240kJ/m^3
SmCo32M:- Br=1.10-1.13T, Hc=716-845kA/m, Hci=955-1273kA/m, (BH)max=230-255kJ/m^3
SmCo22:- Br=0.93-0.97T, Hc=676-740kA/m, Hci=>1433kA/m, (BH)max=160-183kJ/m^3
SmCo24:- Br=0.95-1.02T, Hc=700-750kA/m, Hci=>1433kA/m, (BH)max=175-191kJ/m^3
SmCo26:- Br=1.02-1.05T, Hc=750-780kA/m, Hci=>1434kA/m, (BH)max=191-207kJ/m^3
SmCo28:- Br=1.03-1.08T, Hc=756-796kA/m, Hci=>1435kA/m, (BH)max=207-220kJ/m^3
SmCo30:- Br=1.08-1.10T, Hc=788-835kA/m, Hci=>1436kA/m, (BH)max=220-240kJ/m^3
SmCo32:- Br=1.10-1.13T, Hc=811 -845kA/m, Hci=>1194kA/m, (BH)max=230-255kJ/m^3
SmCo24H:- Br=0.95-1.02T, Hc=700-750kA/m, Hci=>1990kA/m, (BH)max=175-191kJ/m^3
SmCo26H:- Br=1.02-1.05T, Hc=750-780kA/m, Hci=>1990kA/m, (BH)max=191-207kJ/m^3
SmCo28H:- Br=1.03-1.08T, Hc=756-796kA/m, Hci=>1990kA/m, (BH)max=207-220kJ/m^3
SmCo30H:- Br=1.08-1.10T, Hc=788-835kA/m, Hci=>1990kA/m, (BH)max=220-240kJ/m^3

Low Temperature Coefficient Sm2Co17 (Typical Range of Values)
SmCo22LTC:- Br=0.94-0.98T, Hc=668-715kA/m, Hci=1194-1591kA/m, (BH)max=161-183kJ/m^3

Bonded Sm1Co5 (Typical Range of Values, 120 deg C max temp)
SmCoB6:- Br=0.40T, Hc=280kA/m, Hci=800kA/m, (BH)max=30-50kJ/m^3
SmCoB10:- Br=0.50T, Hc=320kA/m, Hci=800kA/m, (BH)max=50-65kJ/m^3

Bonded Sm2Co17 (Typical Range of Values, 120 deg C max temp)
SmCoB10:- Br=0.60T, Hc=360kA/m, Hci=800kA/m, (BH)max=65-80kJ/m^3
SmCoB12:- Br=0.70T, Hc=400kA/m, Hci=800kA/m, (BH)max=80-95kJ/m^3

Plastic Bonded SmCo (Typical Range of Values, 120 deg C max temp)
SmCoP3:- Br=0.30-0.40T, Hc=199-279kA/m, Hci=716-1194kA/m, (BH)max=20-28kJ/m^3
SmCoP5:- Br=0.35-0.55T, Hc=247-358kA/m, Hci=716-1194kA/m, (BH)max=32-52kJ/m^3
SmCoP8:- Br=0.55-0.68T, Hc=334-462kA/m, Hci=716-1194kA/m, (BH)max=48-64kJ/m^3

The current range of coatings available for SmCo is as follows:-
Bare (i.e. no coating – standard finish) and Nickel-Copper-Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni). Other coatings may be possible - please let us know your requirements.

Ferrite / Ceramic magnetic properties (Typical Range of Values):-

Y8T:- Br=200-235mT, Hc=125-160kA/m, Hci=210-280kA/m, (BH)max=6.5-9.5kJ/m^3
Y10T:- Br=200-235mT, Hc=128-160kA/m, Hci=210-280kA/m, (BH)max=6.4-9.6kJ/m^3
Y20:- Br=320-380mT, Hc=135-190kA/m, Hci=140-195kA/m, (BH)max=18.0-22.0kJ/m^3
Y22H:- Br=310-360mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=280-320kA/m, (BH)max=20.0-24.0kJ/m^3
Y23:- Br=320-370mT, Hc=170-190kA/m, Hci=190-230kA/m, (BH)max=20.0-25.5kJ/m^3
Y25:- Br=360-400mT, Hc=135-170kA/m, Hci=140-200kA/m, (BH)max=22.5-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H:- Br=360-390mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=23.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H-1:- Br=360-390mT, Hc=200-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=23.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H-2:- Br=360-380mT, Hc=263-288kA/m, Hci=318-350kA/m, (BH)max=24.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y27H:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=205-250kA/m, Hci=210-255kA/m, (BH)max=25.0-29.0kJ/m^3
Y28:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=175-210kA/m, Hci=180-220kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y28H-1:- Br=380-400mT, Hc=240-260kA/m, Hci=250-280kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y28H-2:- Br=360-380mT, Hc=271-295kA/m, Hci=382-405kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=175-210kA/m, Hci=180-220kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30BH:- Br=380-390mT, Hc=223-235kA/m, Hci=231-245kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30H-1:- Br=380-400mT, Hc=230-275kA/m, Hci=235-290kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-32.0kJ/m^3
Y30H-2:- Br=395-415mT, Hc=275-300kA/m, Hci=310-335kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-32.5kJ/m^3
Y32:- Br=400-420mT, Hc=160-190kA/m, Hci=165-195kA/m, (BH)max=30.0-33.5kJ/m^3
Y32H-1:- Br=400-420mT, Hc=190-230kA/m, Hci=230-250kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y32H-2:- Br=400-440mT, Hc=224-240kA/m, Hci=230-250kA/m, (BH)max=31.0-34.0kJ/m^3
Y33:- Br=410-430mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y33H:- Br=410-430mT, Hc=250-270kA/m, Hci=250-275kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y34:- Br=420-440mT, Hc=200-230kA/m, Hci=205-235kA/m, (BH)max=32.5-36.0kJ/m^3
Y35:- Br=430-450mT, Hc=215-239kA/m, Hci=217-241kA/m, (BH)max=33.1-38.2kJ/m^3
Y36:- Br=430-450mT, Hc=247-271kA/m, Hci=250-274kA/m, (BH)max=35.1-38.3kJ/m^3
Y38:- Br=440-460mT, Hc=285-305kA/m, Hci=294-310kA/m, (BH)max=36.6-40.6kJ/m^3
Y40:- Br=440-460mT, Hc=330-354kA/m, Hci=340-360kA/m, (BH)max=37.5-41.8kJ/m^3

Alnico magnetic properties (Typical Range of Values):-

Anisotropic Cast Alnico
Alnico 5 (Alnico5_ACA34):- Br=1.10T, Hc=50kA/m, Hci=52kA/m, (BH)max=34kJ/m3
Alnico 5 (Alnico5_ACA37):- Br=1.18T, Hc=50kA/m, Hci=51kA/m, (BH)max=37kJ/m3
Alnico 5 (Alnico5_ACA40):- Br=1.20T, Hc=50kA/m, Hci=52kA/m, (BH)max=40kJ/m3
Alnico 5 (Alnico5_ACA44):- Br=1.25T, Hc=50kA/m, Hci=54kA/m, (BH)max=44kJ/m3
Alnico 6 (Alnico6_ACA28):- Br=1.15T, Hc=58kA/m, Hci=60kA/m, (BH)max=28kJ/m3
Alnico 5DG (Alnico5DG_ACA52):- Br=1.30T, Hc=56kA/m, Hci=58kA/m, (BH)max=52kJ/m3
Alnico 5-7 (Alnico5-7_ACA60):- Br=1.35T, Hc=58kA/m, Hci=60kA/m, (BH)max=60kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ACA38):- Br=0.80T, Hc=110kA/m, Hci=112kA/m, (BH)max=38kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ACA40):- Br=0.85T, Hc=115kA/m, Hci=117kA/m, (BH)max=40kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ACA44):- Br=0.90T, Hc=115kA/m, Hci=117kA/m, (BH)max=44kJ/m3
Alnico 8HC (Alnico8HC_ACA36):- Br=0.72T, Hc=150kA/m, Hci=152kA/m, (BH)max=36kJ/m3
Alnico 9 (Alnico9_ACA60):- Br=1.00T, Hc=110kA/m, Hci=112kA/m, (BH)max=60kJ/m3
Alnico 9 (Alnico9_ACA72):- Br=1.05T, Hc=115kA/m, Hci=117kA/m, (BH)max=72kJ/m3

Anisotropic Sintered Alnico
Alnico 5 (Alnico5_ASA34):- Br=1.15T, Hc=48kA/m, Hci=50kA/m, (BH)max=34kJ/m3
Alnico 6 (Alnico6_ASA28):- Br=1.10T, Hc=58kA/m, Hci=60kA/m, (BH)max=28kJ/m3
Alnico 8HC (Alnico8HC_ASA36):- Br=0.72T, Hc=150kA/m, Hci=152kA/m, (BH)max=36kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ASA38):- Br=0.80T, Hc=110kA/m, Hci=112kA/m, (BH)max=38kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ASA44):- Br=0.85T, Hc=120kA/m, Hci=122kA/m, (BH)max=44kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ASA48):- Br=0.92T, Hc=125kA/m, Hci=127kA/m, (BH)max=48kJ/m3

Isotropic Cast Alnico
Alnico 3 (Alnico3_ICA10):- Br=0.65T, Hc=38kA/m, Hci=40kA/m, (BH)max=10kJ/m3
Alnico 2 (Alnico2_ICA12):- Br=0.75T, Hc=45kA/m, Hci=46kA/m, (BH)max=12kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ICA18):- Br=0.55T, Hc=90kA/m, Hci=97kA/m, (BH)max=18kJ/m3

Isotropic Sintered Alnico
Alnico 3 (Alnico3_ISA10):- Br=0.65T, Hc=40kA/m, Hci=42kA/m, (BH)max=10kJ/m3
Alnico 2 (Alnico2_ISA12):- Br=0.75T, Hc=45kA/m, Hci=46kA/m, (BH)max=12kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ISA18):- Br=0.60T, Hc=95kA/m, Hci=98kA/m, (BH)max=18kJ/m3
Alnico 8 (Alnico8_ISA20):- Br=0.62T, Hc=100kA/m, Hci=105kA/m, (BH)max=20kJ/m3

Bonded Alnico
Alnico_BA7:- Br=0.31T, Hc=79kA/m, Hci=103kA/m, (BH)max=6.77kJ/m3
Alnico_BA8:- Br=0.34T, Hc=83kA/m, Hci=107kA/m, (BH)max=7.96kJ/m3

Injection molded NdFeB magnetic properties (Typical Range of Values):-

IBondedNdFeB-3:- Br=200-400mT, Hc=120-240kA/m, Hci=480-640kA/m, (BH)max=8-24kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-4:- Br=400-460mT, Hc=250-335kA/m, Hci=575-735kA/m, (BH)max=28-36kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-5:- Br=450-510mT, Hc=280-360kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=37-44kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-6:- Br=510-560mT, Hc=295-375kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=44-52kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-6H:- Br=480-560mT, Hc=335-400kA/m, Hci=1035-1355kA/m, (BH)max=40-52kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-7:- Br=540-640mT, Hc=320-400kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=51-59kJ/m^3
IBondedNdFeB-5SR (PPS):- Br=450-500mT, Hc=300-360kA/m, Hci=875-1115kA/m, (BH)max=36-44kJ/m^3

Compression molded NdFeB magnetic properties (Typical Values)
CBondedNdFeB-6:- Br=550-620mT, Hc=285-370kA/m, Hci=600-755kA/m, (BH)max=44-56kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-8L:- Br=600-640mT, Hc=360-400kA/m, Hci=715-800kA/m, (BH)max=56-64kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-8:- Br=620-690mT, Hc=385-445kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=64-72kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-8SR:- Br=620-660mT, Hc=410-465kA/m, Hci=880-1120kA/m, (BH)max=64-72kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-8H:- Br=610-650mT, Hc=410-455kA/m, Hci=1190-1440kA/m, (BH)max=64-72kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-9:- Br=650-700mT, Hc=400-440kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=70-76kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-10:- Br=680-720mT, Hc=420-470kA/m, Hci=640-800kA/m, (BH)max=76-84kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-11:- Br=700-740mT, Hc=445-480kA/m, Hci=680-800kA/m, (BH)max=80-88kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-11L:- Br=700-740mT, Hc=400-440kA/m, Hci=520-640kA/m, (BH)max=78-84kJ/m^3
CBondedNdFeB-12L:- Br=740-800mT, Hc=420-455kA/m, Hci=520-600kA/m, (BH)max=84-92kJ/m^3

Please note that once production of a custom magnet has begun, the order cannot be cancelled.

If you would like the full Magnet Technical Data sheets (magnetic properties, physical properties, etc) for our magnets or would like more information or a quotation, please get in touch (please call 0114 276 2264 and ask for a member of our technical sales team or alternatively send an e-mail to





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