Measurement and Experimentation Tools

Buy Measurement and Experimentation Tools online with e-Magnets UK™


Buy Measurement and Experimentation Tools online with e-Magnets UK™

This section contains items that will be useful for testing magnets, measuring magnetic fields and experimenting with magnets.

The Science Discovery kits and Simply Science kits let you learn about the fundamentals of magnetism, motors, generators, eddy currents and levitation.

The Generator Magnets section introduces a design for a Permanent Magnet Generator that can be used as an experiment to learn about all the theory behind the generation of electricity using magnets, backed up with a comprehensive document detailing all the theory including examples of how to change the voltage generated.

The Electromagnets kit demonstrates the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

The Gaussmeter and Hall Probe section introduces a range of professional test equipment to measure magnetic field strengths and magnetic flux densities using calibrated devices.

There are occasions where it is necessary to know whether a magnet Pole face is a North or a South. Compasses, Polarity Indicators and marked North/South magnets can all be used to perform this task.

When you need to see the magnetic field pattern from a magnet, compasses can be used to draw out the magnetic field lines. Compasses can also be used to point towards Geographic North.

Ferrofluid can be used to give spectacular patterns when stronger magnetic fields are present. It can also be used to increase the magnetic field in sections of interest (e.g. in loudspeakers).

The Green Magnetic Viewing Film is used to show magnetic poles and to therefore indicate magnetic field patterns. The darker green colour indicates a magnetic field passing perpendicularly through the Green Magnetic Viewing Film; a lighter green colour indicates a magnetic field passing along the plane of the Green Magnetic Viewing Film.

The section on Reed Switch and Hall Effect devices overviews the theory of their use and shows the field strengths at 0mm, 5mm and 10mm from the surface of the main range of magnets.

The section of Lenz’s Law and Eddy Currents demonstrates a quick and simple experiment that shows magnets creating eddy currents and explains why eddy currents exist (Lenz’s Law).