Bunting Towable Magnetic Sweeper

Towable Magnetic Sweeper

The Bunting towable magnetic sweeper attaches to the rear of a vehicle and is an industrial ferrous waste cleaning machine. The sweepers are built to last in our factory in the UK. The Towable Forklift Magnetic Sweepers come with an automatic waste removal system so that the ferrous waste can be disposed of safely and easily.

As with all our sweepers, they are suitable for use indoors and outdoors and are fitted with heavy-duty rubber wheels and are built to maximum strength and durability to remain maintenance and trouble free. We advise towing at a speed of 5-6mph to achieve optimum results.


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Part #WidthDepthLead TimePackage QuantityPriceQuantity
RS-1200 1200 mm230 mm4 weeks1 £2,425.00
RS-1500 1500 mm230 mm4 weeks1 £2,725.00
RS-1800 1800 mm230 mm4 weeks1 £3,150.00
RS-2000 2000 mm230 mm4 weeks1 £3,340.00
RS-2200 2200 mm230 mm4 weeks1 £3,645.00