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Combi Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

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The Combi Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper has been specifically manufactured so that it can either be easily fitted onto a Forklift Truck or used manually with the addition of a simple to fix handle.

The magnet system design allows for industrial heavy duty magnetic sweeper use. The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper has two mounted brackets for the fork tines to slide through. The standard distance between the midpoints of the brackets is 70cm, although this can be changed upon request. The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper is held in place on the fork tines by tightening the bolts which are part of the mounted brackets.

By simply using eyebolts in the sleeves on the top of the sweeper the Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper can be used with other devices such as gantry cranes or it can be mounted elsewhere on the Forklift Truck. The eyebolts allow connection by using hanging chains or rope. The eyebolts of the Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper assembly could also be used to connect to other moveable equipment e.g. at the front of industrial cleaning equipment, trolleys, etc. Ideally the Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper is swept over the ground about to be covered by the moving object to collect ferromagnetic debris before it can puncture the wheels of the moving object.

The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper is robust in design, with the magnets enclosed in a protective steel case to minimise damage during heavy duty magnetic sweeping. The steel case is easily cleaned, making maintenance simply and fast.

The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper picks up ferrous material from approximately 75mm to 100mm away from the surface. The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper’s heavy duty magnetic design effortlessly picks up ferromagnetic shards, nuts, bolts, pins and nails (non-magnetic materials such as aluminium, copper, some stainless steels, etc are not attracted to magnets and remain uncollected). In areas where tyre punctures are known to occur due to ferromagnetic materials piercing the tyres, the Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper may provide a cost saving plus a reduction in downtime.

The Forklift Truck Magnetic Sweeper is ideal for large warehouses, car parks, service bays, paths, metal recycling plants, factories and runways etc.

For instances where a forklift truck cannot operate safely or if there is no forklift operator available the Combi sweeper can be simply and quickly turned into a manual hand operated sweeper. The handle which is supplied with the sweeper is simply bolted into place and away you go. Wheels are permanently fixed to the sweeper allowing accurate control of sweeper during manual operation.


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