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Explore Bunting’s magnetic tools, featuring versatile switchable magnets for adjustable magnetic strength in various applications. Enhance welding precision and safety with weld clamp magnets, ensuring secure workpiece positioning. Simplify metal retrieval with the magnetic retrieval pen, a handy tool for workshops and DIY projects. Upgrade your toolkit with these magnetic innovations.

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At Bunting-eMagnets, we bring you an extraordinary assortment of magnetic tools designed to revolutionise your work holding, welding, and lifting processes. Our cutting-edge products harness the incredible force of magnets, making your tasks efficient, safe, and hassle-free. Explore our diverse selection below:

Switchable Magnets: Adaptability at Your Fingertips Link: Switchable Magnets

Introducing a new era of flexibility – our switchable magnets give you the power to control the magnetic attraction with ease. With the ability to turn the magnetism on and off, you can swiftly position, align, and release materials without any struggle. These versatile magnets are a game-changer for industries that require quick adjustments.

Weld Clamp Magnets: Simplifying Welding Setups Link: Weld Clamp Magnets

Streamline your welding operations with our weld clamp magnets. These smart tools firmly hold metal pieces in place, allowing you to create seamless, precise welds. Whether you’re working on complex projects or simple joints, our weld clamp magnets ensure your materials stay in the optimal position for flawless results.

Magnetic Retrieval Pen: Small Magnet, Big Convenience Link: Magnetic Retrieval Pen

Lost screws, nails, or other metal objects? Our magnetic retrieval pen is the ultimate solution. This handy tool allows you to pick up small metal items from hard-to-reach places easily. Keep your workspace tidy and your fingers safe with the magnetic retrieval pen’s precise control over metal object retrieval.

At Bunting-eMagnets, we’re committed to providing you with magnetic tools that redefine efficiency, accuracy, and safety in your work environment. Explore our diverse range and harness the power of magnets for unparalleled results.

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