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Rectangular Electromagnets 12 Volt

Buy Rectangular Electromagnets 12 Volt online with Bunting – eMagnets™

The E-Magnets UK range of 12 Volt rectangular Electromagnets.

Comprising of 5 standard sizes with a pull ranging from 90 to a huge 905 Kgs.

Internally threaded for mounting.

These electromagnets can be used on their own or in groups.


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Part #LengthWidthDepthMounting TypeVoltageAmpagePull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
BRE-1525-122 1/2 Inch1 1/2 Inch1 1/4 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.4 Amp90 Kgs1 £63.17
BRE-2525-122 1/2 Inch2 1/2 Inch1 1/2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.6 Amp200 Kgs1 £132.16
BRE-2545-124 1/2 Inch2 1/2 Inch2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.8 Amp340 Kgs1 £123.85
Out of Stock
BRE-3060-126 Inch3 Inch2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt2.7 Amp450 Kgs1 £148.63
BRE-4080-1108 Inch4 Inch2 1/2 InchThreaded Mounting110 Volt0.38 Amp905 Kgs1 £272.48
Out of Stock