Amorphous Cores

Amorphous C-Cores from Bunting are ideal for single phase and three-phase reactors and output chokes. They offer up to 50% more energy compared with alternative materials such as ferrites, Sendust and silicon steel – allowing performance and efficiency to be enhanced without increasing the size of the system, or size to be reduced without compromising performance. Amorphous C-Cores are manufactured using an ultra-thin ribbon casting process that greatly reduces unwanted eddy current losses at higher frequencies. The non-crystalline amorphous structure of the iron-based ribbon helps ensure minimum magnetic reversal losses. The cores are ideal for the growing number of high frequency power conditioning applications.

C Core3


  • Power Transformers
  • Output Chokes
  • DMC
  • PFC
  • Medium-Frequency Transformers


  • Switch mode power supply
  • Invertors
  • Reactors
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Solid State Distribution Transformers
  • Electromagnetic Shielding

Typical Electromagnetic Performance Curve for Amorphous Cores

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Relative change of µ vs temperature

Amorphous - Relative change of µ vs temperature

Permeability Curve with Frequency of Amorphous CACC Cores

Permeability Curve

The DC-Bias Curve of Amorphous CACC Cores

DC Bias of Amorphous CACC Cores

The B-H Curve and µ-H Curve of Amorphous CACC Cores

BH Curve

Amorphous realtive change of Bs VS Temperature


Iron-based Amorphous Cacc Series Core Loss Curve


Amorphous Core Technical Data

Amorphous Core Technical Data

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