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Round, Square and Rectangular Magnetic Grates and Grids

Magnetic Separator Grids are also known as Separator Grates. The Bunting Magnetics and e-Magnets UK Magnetic Separator Grids are easily installed into chutes, hoppers, bins and drawers. They usually contain 1 inch (25mm) diameter Magnetic Separator Rods (10kGauss, +80 degrees C rated) working together within a stainless steel assembly.

Bunting Magnetics Grate Magnets provide a properly configured, high-density magnetic field to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects. Stainless steel tubing and frames are welded into strong, integral units. They can be installed (or simply laid or placed down) inside hoppers, housings, and bins. The Bunting Magnetics Grate Magnets are easily removed for cleaning.

Bunting Magnetics Grate Magnets are built for low-abrasion applications and should measure at least twice the size of your outlet opening, so as not to restrict product flow. Bunting Magnetics Grates are commonly used as Hopper Magnets. The material flows through the holes in the grid (usually gravity fed) – the material needs to be free flowing. By combining the magnetic forces of the rods, extremely powerful magnetic fields cross the gaps between the rods increasing the capture of ferrous debris.

Bunting Magnetics Grate Magnets (offered by e-Magnets UK) come in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in round, square, or rectangular hoppers, chutes, housings, and bins and are ideal for trapping ferrous objects in free-flowing materials conveyed by gravity.

The standard Bunting Magnetics magnetic grids and magnetic grates feature 1” diameter Bunting Magnetic Rods which are encased in 304 stainless steel and mounted on 2” centres. There is the option to add angle baffles to help direct product flow over the Rods if they are required.

The framework is usually SS304 stainless steel – the frame is usually 40mm high. Usually the gap between the rods is 25mm. Smaller gaps can be used to increase the magnetic forces but if there is a lot of ferrous debris, the risk of creating a blockage increases. A work around is to have a grid above another with the rods of the lower grid in the location where gaps are on the upper grid (an alternative is to have identical grids and rotate one grid around by 90 degrees to increase the “turbulence” of the flow to increase capture). We can produce the grids to be used at e.g. 12Kgauss and even for use at higher temperatures – the technology for the rods determines what can be achieved.

The Magnetic Grids usually exist in round and square shapes although other custom shapes such as ovals and rectangles can be produced upon request. The rods can either be welded in place or screwed onto the frame (to allow replacement of rods if they are accidentally damaged). The round grids are designed to fit within circular holes of a given diameter (most tend to be 100mm to 800mm diameter in 50mm increments). The square grids are designed to fit within square holes (most tend to be 100mm x 100mm to 800mm x 800mm). We could build a grid to fit within almost any sized hole. Please contact e-Magnets UK or Bunting Magnetics Europe if you have a custom enquiry.

Bunting Magnetics Hopper Magnets / Grate Magnets are also commonly used in the plastics industry to prevent contamination from ferrous material.