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Bunting Magnetics’ Range of Permanent Electro Holding Magnets

Our Permanent Electro Holding Magnets include a permanent magnet, encapsulated in a magnetic housing with an excitation coil wound between the magnet and the housing. Just like an electromagnet the magnetic circuit has to be switched on and off and the permanent magnet within this design means that the magnetic circuit is open in the switched off state and therefore generates a holding force without the need for constant application of current. This means that there is safe holding of workpieces, doors or other components in the event of a power failure or when there is the need for holding components for long periods of time.

When the coil is energised with a DC current the magnetic field from the magnet is negated and the part being held can be taken away with a minimal amount of effort, Some residual pull force will remain, unlike in an electromagnet and this needs to e taken into account when designing the complete system. These Permanent Electro Holding Magnets are incredibly energy efficient as they only need a brief pulse of energy to switch states.

If you do not see a shape or size or performance of Permanent Electro Holding Magnets that you require, please get in touch as we can design one to suit your needs.


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Part #DiameterDepthMounting TypeThreadVoltagePull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
XH172017 mm20 mmThreaded MountingM36 Volt2 Kgs1 £29.21
XH353035 mm30 mmThreaded MountingM424 Volt10 Kgs1 £36.87
XH403040 mm30 mmThreaded MountingM424 Volt16 Kgs1 £39.67
XH494249 mm42 mmThreaded MountingM824 Volt40 Kgs1 £76.34
XH604560 mm45 mmThreaded MountingM524 Volt50 Kgs1 £109.11
XH805080 mm50 mmThreaded MountingM824 Volt80 Kgs1 £139.64
XH10060100 mm60 mmThreaded MountingM824 Volt150 Kgs1 £243.93
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