Round Electromagnets 12 Volt

Buy Round Electromagnets 12 Volt online with Bunting – eMagnets™

The E-Magnets UK range of 12 Volt round Electromagnets.

Comprising of 11 standard sizes from 1/2 inch (12.7mm) Diameter right through to 6 inch (152.4mm) Diameter with a pull ranging from 1.8 to a huge 453 Kgs.

Internally threaded for mounting.

Please Note : Only to be used when in full face to face contact with a section of magnetic material as a gap of only 0.1mm will result in a drop off in performance of around 90%. This includes paints and non-magnetic coatings.


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Part #DiameterDepthMounting TypeVoltageAmpagePull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
BDE-0515-121/2 Inch1 1/2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.1 Amp1.8 Kgs1 £12.25
BDE-0812-123/4 Inch1 1/4 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.1 Amp4.5 Kgs1 £12.50
BDE-1007-121 Inch1 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.1 Amp4.5 Kgs1 £13.62
BDE-1012-121 Inch1 1/4 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.2 Amp9 Kgs1 £13.75
Out of Stock
BDE-1212-121 1/4 Inch1 1/4 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.25 Amp18 Kgs1 £15.16
Out of Stock
BDE-1716-121 3/4 Inch1 3/4 InchThreaded Mounting12 VoltNA72 Kgs1 £20.02
Out of Stock
BDE-2016-122 Inch2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.5 Amp99 Kgs1 £37.16
Out of Stock
BDE-3020-123 Inch3 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt1 Amp226 Kgs1 £69.35
Out of Stock
BDE-3515-123 1/2 Inch3 1/2 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.5 Amp295 Kgs1 £70.05
BDE-4032-124 Inch4 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt2.5 Amp408 Kgs1 £111.47
BDE-6012-126 Inch6 InchThreaded Mounting12 Volt0.6 Amp453 Kgs1 £116.24