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Magnetic Measurement Tools

Unlock the secrets of magnetism with our Magnetic Measurement Tools. From precision gaussmeters and dynamic ferrofluid to magnetic viewing films that reveal invisible fields, our collection empowers professionals and enthusiasts to measure, experiment, and visualise magnetic wonders. Explore now for a magnetic journey like no other!

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Buy Magnetic Measurement Tools online with e-Magnets UK™
A comprehensive range of magnetic tools designed to cater to the needs of educators, researchers, scientists, and industry professionals alike. These precision instruments allow you to explore the fascinating world of magnets, magnetism, and magnetic fields with accuracy and ease.


Discover the World of Magnetism

At Bunting, we believe that learning and experimentation with magnets should be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re conducting classroom experiments, delving into scientific research, complying with regulations, or simply satisfying your curiosity, our magnetic measurement tools provide the means to understand the principles of magnetism in a hands-on and engaging way.


Wide Variety of Tools

Explore our diverse selection of magnetic measurement tools, including:

Magnetic Field Viewing Film: Visualise magnetic fields with ease using these films. Ideal for educational demonstrations and scientific investigations.

Ferrofluid: A unique magnetic liquid comprising nanoscale magnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid, used in various applications.

Gaussmeters and Magnetometers: Instruments to measure magnetic field strength with precision.



Our tools cater to a wide range of applications, including:

Education: Perfect for teachers, students, and science enthusiasts looking to explore the wonders of magnetism through hands-on experiments.

Research: Essential instruments for scientists and researchers studying magnetic fields, materials, and their applications.

Industry: Valuable tools for quality control, magnetic material testing, and engineering applications.


Quality and Reliability

Bunting is committed to providing high-quality magnetic measurement tools that deliver accurate and consistent results. Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their precision and reliability.


Explore Our Collection

Ready to dive into the fascinating world of magnetic measurement and experimentation? Browse our extensive collection of tools and accessories designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a professional seeking precise measurements or an educator sparking curiosity in the classroom, E-Magnets UK has the right tools for you.



Bunting e-Magnets invites you to explore our Magnetic Measurement Tools collection, where learning and discovery meet precision and reliability. Start your magnetic journey today and unlock the secrets of magnetism with our high-quality instruments.

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