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Shaker Magnetic Catch

A Magnetic Catch specifically designed for Shaker style kitchen cabinets. Quick & easy to install, with only one screw fixing. The new catch plate with leather buffer provides the almost silent closing of a kitchen cabinet door and is available with your company’s own branding so that you can subtly leave your mark on every kitchen installation.
The Pull (Kgs) figure is a nominal pull force.

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The Shaker Magnetic Catch is designed specifically for handmade in-frame doors for bespoke kitchen cabinets.

Length:       29mm

Depth:         20mm

Height:        15mm

Finish:         Chrome

Magnet Strength: 5kg

Fixing requires only one No. 4 woodscrew; raised bosses on the mounting surface prevent any rotation, even though only one screw is employed. Three different styles of catch plate are available for the Shaker Magnetic Catch, including a leather-clad catch plate that dampens any noise from the closing of the catch. The three catch plate types are:

• Standard blank catch plate;
• Catch plate with a leather buffer;
• Catch plate with a branded embossed leather buffer (Find out more information by clicking here)

The branded-embossed leather buffer allows a company’s logo or name to appear on the magnetic catch. There is a one-off tooling charge for the embossing.

Please contact us for volume enquiries.