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Standard Forklift Sweeper

This heavy-duty, vehicle-mounted magnetic sweeper (length: 1220mm) tackles workplace cleanup and metal debris removal with ease. Perfect for car parks, loading bays, and industrial spaces, it offers:

  • Effortless operation: Attach it to a forklift or tractor for quick and efficient sweeping.
  • Safety first: The powerful magnet attracts and holds scrap metal, preventing punctures, accidents, and environmental damage.
  • Boost your bottom line: Collects only metal, simplifying sorting and maximising the value of your scrap haul.
  • Environmentally friendly: Prevents metal pollution in waterways and green spaces.

Beyond cleaning, it’s an investment in:

  • Workplace safety: Protects employees, customers, and vehicles from metal hazards.
  • Environmental responsibility: Contributes to a cleaner environment by removing metal debris from waterways and parks.
  • Financial gain: Turns waste into valuable scrap metal.

Invest in a cleaner, safer, and more profitable workplace!

The recommended sweeping height for these units is 75mm.

Tips for removing metal from the face of the sweeper:

Gently Pull or Scrape:  With gloved hands or a rag, loosen and pull the metal debris off the magnetic surface. Be careful not to pinch your fingers or snag the gloves on sharp edges.

Drag and Slide: If the metal pieces are small and numerous, you can try dragging the sweeper across a smooth surface. This can sometimes dislodge the metal through friction.

Prying with a Blunt Tool (Use Caution): For more stubborn pieces, a non-sparking tool like a pry bar can be used to gently pry the metal free. Be very careful not to damage the magnetic surface or injure yourself.

General Safety Tips:

Always wear gloves when handling metal debris, especially sharp objects.

Be aware of the weight of the collected metal. Heavy loads may require assistance to remove safely.


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