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Bunting – eMagnets present a superb range of Magnetic Sweepers available in a range of sizes and styles perfect for clearing small ferrous metal objects, such as nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, screws etc… from the floor. We manufacture our Magnetic Sweepers in the UK and produce Forklift Mounted, Easy Clean, Tow Behind and even Handheld Sweepers.

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Magnetic Sweepers, also known as Magnetic Brooms, are the perfect solution to the problem of clearing small ferrous metal objects, such as nails, tacks, nuts, bolts and metal shavings from of the floor.

They are available in handheld, workshop, towable and fork lift truck styles, we even have an Electro Magnet version.

The hand held magnetic sweeper has an extendable handle and the magnet can be turned off to allow the debris to fall away into a skip or bin. The wheels can also be removed making it easy to transport. It is perfect for use on shop floors and in the office.

The workshop hand held magnetic sweeper is ideal for use around machine shops.

Our workshop Handheld Sweeper is the perfect handheld sweeper and covers a vast amount of different uses but often it is used for cleaning workspaces, benches etc…

We offer a range of forklift truck sweepers:

Standard Forklift Sweeper – simple design, easy operation, robust and extremely effective. It is available in a range of sizes to suit your application however the most popular size is 1200mm wide.

Standard Forklift Sweeper with Easy Clean – this is effectively the same sweeper as above but with a hinged plate which allows fast and simple removal of the collected contamination.

The Combi Forklift Truck Sweeper – This universal product is designed to offer the best of both worlds. It can be used a high performance forklift truck sweeper in exactly the same was as our standard forklift sweeper however it comes complete with permanently fixed wheels and a handle which simply bolts onto the top plate of the sweeper to allow for manual operation. This is extremely useful if there are environments where a forklift cannot operate safely or simply if there is no forklift driver available.

A tow behind sweeper is designed to be towed behind vehicles. It is available in a range of sizes and comes complete with an easy ‘lift to release’ mechanism for removing collected debris from the face of the sweeper.

An Electro Magnetic Sweeper completes the range. This is quite simply the best of the best, it will lift larger pieces of debris, work over rougher terrain and is controllable from the cab of the vehicle housing the sweeper.

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