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Flexible Magnetic Tape is adhesive backed and provides an ideal way of attracting items to steel surfaces and for getting materials to stick together by using tape upon tape. The tape is ideal for exhibition displays, removable signs, magnetic seals, removable access panels and many more applications where something needs to be easily removed and replaced without any tools.

The attractive force is 50g/cm2, 68g/cm2 or 88g/cm2 depending on the material selected (maximum grams pull force per square centimeter of area of material) and the maximum operating temperature is 50 degrees C (the rubber binder softens causing the magnetic pattern to realign which weakens the magnetic pull). The more material that is used, the more the total available pull force increases (it is the overlap area of magnet material on ferromagnetic material or overlap area of magnet tape on magnet tape that is important).

Any of the Flexible Magnetic Tape can be used with the Steel Tape – aligning one to the other is simple as placing the magnetic tape onto the steel tape and manually adjusting the position by sliding along. Magnet tape attracting to magnet tape requires more careful consideration.

Tape upon tape attraction is also possible (for maximum pull forces). Across the width of the tape, the polarity changes every ~2 millimeters (in a N-S-N-S- pattern, so you have around 7 poles in a 12.5mm wide tape). Tape can align upon tape but there may be a slight offset by one pole width depending on the material. The 125A and 125B versions have no alignment issues – the magnetic patterns on them are mirror images allowing perfect alignment of one over the other. For note, the 125A and 125B versions are the original shower door magnetic material strips. For note, a magnetic tape does try to resist being dragged across the width of another magnetic tape but will more easily slide along the length of another tape due to the pole patterns in magnetic tapes.

A tip for putting tape on tape successfully (to avoid repulsion problems):- peel away the first tape adhesive protector and place and press in required location to adhere. Put the second tape on top so it is aligned magnetically. Peel away the adhesive protector of the second tape and press the item you want to be held by the tapes onto the second tape to adhere. This guarantees perfect magnetic alignment every time when removing and replacing the items being held magnetically. If not done this way, there is a chance that the poles on each tape may be aligned in a repulsive state (N on N, S on S) and will either not stay in place or will offset across the tape width by one pole pitch (by around 2mm depending on the magnetised pattern) reducing the pull force as less area is overlapped.

The flexible magnetic tape and flexible magnetic sheet are easily cut to size with normal scissors, craft knife, stanley knife or a guillotine. They are also flexible, allowing them to follow gentle contours and curves.


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Part #WidthDepthAdhesive BackedSpecial FeatureAttractive ForceSold byPackage QuantityPriceQuantity
E125A12.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre1 £1.50
E125B12.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre1 £1.50
EP125A-3012.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre30 £22.09
EP125B-3012.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre30 £22.09
EP61125 mm1 mmYesAnisotropic88gm/cm2Metre1 £2.52
EP6608 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50gm/cm2 Atractive ForceMetre1 £1.00
Out of Stock
EP66112.5 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50gm/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre1 £1.40
EP66220 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50gm/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre1 £2.21
MAG125A12.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre10 £12.66
MAG125B12.5 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2Metre10 £12.66
MAG61125 mm1 mmYesAnisotropic88gm/cm2Metre10 £19.29
MAG6608 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50gm/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre10 £7.75
MAG66112.5 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50gm/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre10 £11.75
MAG66220 mm0.8 mmYesStandard50g/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre10 £18.33
RU147AC13 mm1.5 mmYesStandard68gm/cm2 Attractive ForceMetre1 £1.50