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Buy Generator Magnets online with Bunting – eMagnets™. Almost any magnet can be used in a generator design. The majority of magnets used are either discs, arcs and rectangular blocks (sometimes ring magnets are also used). The main magnet materials used are ferrite (low cost, excellent corrosion resistance and good magnetic performance at higher temperatures), NdFeB (maximum magnetic performance) and SmCo (strong magnetic performance, used at the highest temperatures, magnetic output more stable with temperature variations, excellent corrosion resistance). Alnico can be used but the design must be carefully considered to avoid severe demagnetisation. The exact shape and size of magnet used depends on the actual design. Our section called “A Design for a Generator” contains more information on this.The magnets below were made specifically for use in generators (they can be used for other applications as well). We cannot help you on the actual design of the generator that they were used in. The 8 arc ring magnet design uses diametrically magnetised magnets. Four have the North on the outer diameter with the South on the inner diameter. Four have the South on the outer diameter with the North on the inner diameter. So the 8 pole magnet design can be utilised using either the outer or the inner diameter of the ring. For other magnets that may be applicable for use in generators, please review the rest of our magnet range. Magnets can be discs, blocks, rings, trapezoids or arcs. We can make custom sizes and shapes upon request. If you require a price for bespoke generator magnets and custom motor magnets, please ask us for a quotation.


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EP2928 Ring Magnet4 x OD=N4 x OD=SOD = 2 InchID = 1.75 InchN42 Diametrically Magnetised8 £35.00