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Buy Magnetic Tubes and Rods online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Magnetic Tubes are also known as Magnetic Separator Rods, Magnetic Cylinders and Magnetic Cartridges. They are used to remove ferrous contaminants from products passing directly over their surface. They can be used on their own or can be incorporated into custom Separator Grates / Separator Grids.

The standard diameter for the Magnetic Tubes / Magnetic Separator Rods is 25mm. The range of lengths available to buy online is from 100-750mm. Choose Ferrite Rods for attracting large ferrous objects like screws, washers, nuts etc. Choose Neodymium Rods for smaller screws, nuts, and metal chips. Choose High-Intensity Neodymium Rods for swarf and small particles.

Thanks to computer-aided design technology, Bunting Rods are engineered to achieve the optimum balance between reach out and holding force. Rods can be mounted individually or in multiple-row arrays. The cartridge centre-to-centre distance between trays should not exceed 50mm. The Rods usually come with pre-tapped ends and are made from durable stainless steel.

The majority of Separator Magnet Tubes contain NdFeB Rare Earth magnets but versions containing Ferrite magnets, SmCo Rare Earth magnets and Alnico magnets also exist. The NdFeB versions come as standard strength and high-intensity strength as the two main options. Our Food Grade Range is all encased in food-quality stainless steel (usually SS304 but SS316 is also offered). By having a food-quality stainless steel casing, the Separator magnet Rods are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

The “standard” Separator Rod is SS304 encased, contains NdFeB magnets, offers 10kGauss (1 Tesla) at multiple locations along its length, is 25mm in diameter available in lengths varying from 50mm up to 500mm in 50mm increments, has M8 tapped holes at the ends and is rated to work in temperatures up to +80 deg C. We can offer variations from this standard design as well.

The Standard NdFeB Separator Magnet Rods are rated for a maximum recommended operating temperature of around +80 degrees C. The Separator Rods can be produced for higher-rated maximum operating temperatures upon request. The maximum operating temperatures available are +80, +100, +120, +150, +180 and +200 degrees C. When working above +180 degrees C, the SmCo separator magnet version may be a better choice as it is more powerful than NdFeB above +180 degrees C and can also be used up to +350 degrees C (for note, SmCo versions are 9000Gauss typically at room temperature). Less commonly used Ferrite versions are also available but are much weaker (Ferrite versions are 1500Gauss typically at room temperature but work up to +150 degrees C).

The field strength from any magnet will drop with rising temperature – this is normal (the decrease in performance is linked to the characteristics of the permanent magnet used). The field output will return again as it cools (if the maximum operating temperature is not exceeded). Exceeding the maximum operating temperature causes a permanent irreversible drop in performance.

The e-Magnets UK and Bunting Magnetics separator rods are ideal for capturing ferrous contamination. They are capable, particularly with the more powerful units, of capturing ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials as well as materials with permeability noticeably greater than 1, such as some of the paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials. For maximum capture, the debris really needs to get into direct contact with the Magnetic Rods / Magnetic Separator Rods.

You can make or modify your own separation system with Bunting Magnetic Rods. They are all constructed of durable 304 stainless steel tubing and are available with threaded holes, threaded bars, or plain sealed end plugs. Each cartridge is filled with Ceramic, SmCo, Alnico, Neodymium or Neodymium High-Intensity magnetic material. Custom lengths are available. Please call Bunting-Redditch on 01527 65858 for more information on Bunting’s full range of magnetic separation equipment.


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Part #DiameterLengthMaterialGaussTypePackage QuantityPriceQuantity
CM-25-100-NPB25 mm100 mmNeodymium4000-5000 GaussPower Balanced1 £22.48
CM-25-100-CR25 mm100 mmFerrite2500-2900 GaussStandard1 £8.24
Out of Stock
CM-25-100-NHI25 mm100 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £31.51
Out of Stock
CM-25-150-NHI25 mm150 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £65.79
Out of Stock
CM-25-150-NPB25 mm150 mmNeodymium4000-5000 GaussPower Balanced1 £32.89
CM-25-150-CR25 mm150 mmFerrite2500-2900 GaussStandard1 £9.19
CM-25-250-NHI25 mm250 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £89.51
CM-25-250-NPB25 mm250 mmNeodymium4000-5000 GaussPower Balanced1 £63.36
CM-25-250-CR25 mm250 mmFerrite2500-2900 GaussStandard1 £13.73
CM-25-200-NHI25 mm200 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £79.85
CM-25-200-CR25 mm200 mmFerrite2500-2900 GaussStandard1 £10.44
CM-25-200-NPB25 mm200 mmNeodymium4000-5000 GaussPower Balanced1 £52.94
CM-25-350-NHI25 mm350 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £147.06
CM-25-300-CR25 mm300 mmFerrite2500-2900 GaussStandard1 £20.25
CM-25-300-NHI25 mm300 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £140.15
CM-25-300-NPB25 mm300 mmNeodymium4000-5000 GaussPower Balanced1 £72.55
CM-25-400-NHI25 mm400 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £172.94
CM-25-500-NHI25 mm500 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £205.88
Out of Stock
CM-25-50-NHI25 mm50 mmNeodymium10000 GaussHigh Intensity1 £29.41
CM-25-750-NHI25 mm750 mmNeodymium11200 GaussHigh Intensity1 £254.91