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Bunting Torpedo InLine magnet

Torpedo In-Line Magnet

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Bunting Magnetics Torpedo In-Line Magnets (TIM) provide permanent magnetic protection for vacuum systems. The Bunting Torpedo In-Line Magnets clamp directly into flexible hoses to capture ferrous contaminants.

The Bunting Torpedo In-Line Magnets system is an ideal option in compact vacuum systems wherever overhead space is limited. It can be used in applications where the Bunting FF Drawer Magnet and Bunting HF Drawer Magnet units would be too large to fit safely. The compact size of the Bunting Magnetics Torpedo In-Line Magnet (TIM) is an ideal option for use between gaylords and vacuum loaders wherever the overhead space is limited. The Bunting Magnetics Torpedo In-Line Magnet system is an efficient space-saving magnetic design.

Bunting Magnetics Torpedo In-Line Magnets feature high-strength Neodymium (NdFeB) Rare Earth magnets for high-energy tramp iron capture (capture of any ferrous debris such as ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic and some paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials). The Neodymium Rare Earth also provides the Torpedo In-Line Magnets with maximum holding power.

The Bunting Magnetics Torpedo In-Line Magnets supplied by e-Magnets UK consist of a formed stainless steel ring welded to a high-energy Rare Earth (NdFeB) magnetic cartridge, allowing the magnetic cartridge to hang suspended in the centre of the Just-In-Time (JIT) loader’s tube. Torpedo In-Line magnets contain very powerful NdFeB rare earth magnets. The body of the Torpedo In-Line magnet unit is constructed from Stainless Steel. The Torpedo In-Line magnet housing dissembles into two sections for easy cleaning and features a Tri Clamp fitting for fast access for cleaning the magnets. The Magnet can be removed and cleaned as required.

Torpedo In-Line Magnets come in three available pipe sizes. The Torpedo In-Line Magnets are offered in three sizes to suit 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 2.5 inch tubing.

The Torpedo In-Line Magnet is designed to be used in (JIT) hopper loaders. The Torpedo In-Line Magnet is the best available alternative to a drawer magnet. With the Torpedo In-Line Magnet in position, tramp metal is captured before it can reach your plastic moulding machine. The NdFeB magnets inside the bottom of the Torpedo Magnet create a live magnetic pole that allows tramp metal to be collected, held and hidden, preventing tramp metal wipe-off back into the product stream.

The material level sensor, which is typically mounted on the outside of the JIT loader’s tube, will not be affected by the Torpedo Magnet. Torpedo Magnets are available in either 1” or 5/8” diameter high-energy Rare Earth magnetic cartridge designs depending on the tubing size.

A clear viewing glass is available as an additional upgrade feature.


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