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Type 58 Electromagnetic Holding Magnet

Buy Type 58 Electro Holding Magnet online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Our Type 58 Electromagnetic Holding Magnets are magnetised when current is applied, providing a reliable solution for applications where significant holding force and low power consumption is required.


Made in UK
Environment protection: Standard IP51 (IP54 available on request)
Standard finish: Bright zinc
Ambient Temperature: 0-65°C
Duty Cycle: 100%

Typical Applications:

Door locking/holding mechanism for access control and fire security applications
Fire door holders
Turnstile barriers
Oncology machines and adjustable beds for medical applications
Wind turbines in the renewable energy sector
Feeder mechanisms for packaging and textile machinery


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Part #DiameterDepthMounting Thread SizeVoltage (V)Current (Amps)Pull Force (kg)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
XRN-P25/2025 mm20.5 mmM5240.16141 £23.50
XRN-P30/2430 mm24 mmM5240.16231 £24.65
XRN-P40/2740 mm27.5 mmM6240.20501 £25.13
XRN-P50/3050 mm30.5 mmM6240.25751 £29.85
XRN-P65/3565 mm35.5 mmM8240.401401 £34.54
XRN-P80/3880 mm38 mmM8240.602201 £43.68