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When you use a powerful electromagnet, you need to know you can trust and control it. That’s what our expertly designed, carefully engineered electromagnets give you.

You can have complete confidence in these electromagnets, which are as durable as they’re cost effective. They’re also low maintenance and extremely versatile, so you can use them for all kinds of manual and automated applications.

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When you buy an electromagnet from us, you’re buying over 60 years of expertise. We know exactly how to create magnets that generate stable magnetic fields at the flick of a switch.

This ‘control’ element of an electromagnet is the single most important benefit that it has over a standard permanent magnet. Electromagnets need to release a ferrous object as efficiently as they attract or hold it.

Through precision engineering, we help you maximise this control, whatever you need your magnets for.
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Machine tools, assembly lines, automated processes, robotics, even MRI machines…electromagnets have all kinds of vital uses. They work in the background to make our everyday lives easier and better.

Due to the fact that every business has different uses for them, we offer a whole range of sizes – in both rectangular and round units. It’s important to us that you find exactly the right electromagnet for your job.

If you haven’t found the magnet you need, please contact us.

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