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SmCo Disc Magnets

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Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) is the other Rare Earth magnet!

SmCo is the alternative to Neodymium magnets when a more stable output over a much wider temperature range is required.

The SmCo magnets can be used from temperatures nearly as low as absolute zero (-273°C) up to +350°C. Although Neodymium magnets provide stronger fields at room temperature, SmCo starts to outperform at temperatures above +150°C.

With superior temperature coefficients than Neodymium, magnetic output from SmCo varies less over a change in temperature, making it an ideal choice for temperature sensitive applications such as sensors and loudspeakers where stability of the field during operation is important.

SmCo also has a very good intrinsic coercivity allowing it to be used in applications where high external demagnetising forces (and high temperatures) may be present, such as the starting of an electric motor.
SmCo has very little free iron in its structure meaning it offers excellent corrosion resistance to water. It very rarely requires protective coating (e.g. a nickel coating to allow soldering to a printed circuit board). Because of its performance characteristics SmCo is often used instead of Neodymium in mission critical applications such as aerospace and military applications.

SmCo is a brittle material and could break, chip, snap or possibly even shatter if mishandled. Care should be taken when assembling with the SmCo (e.g. wear safety glasses).

Standard manufacturing tolerance is +/- 0.1mm on all dimensions.

If you cannot find the dimensions you require, please get in touch.


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Part #DiameterDepthPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
EP100SM4 mm5 mm0.76Kg20 £11.67
EP303SM2 mm1 mm0.07kg50 £8.76
EP305SM1 mm1 mm0.04Kg50 £16.10
EP306SM6 mm1 mm0.23Kg20 £5.42
EP307SM10 mm1 mm0.38Kg10 £8.57
EP348SM10 mm10 mm3.82Kg2 £4.08
EP400SM3 mm1 mm0.11Kg50 £18.25
EP401SM3 mm2 mm0.21Kg20 £9.84
EP403SM10 mm2 mm0.76Kg10 £6.12
EP406SM20 mm3 mm2.29Kg2 £5.97
EP643SM6 mm3 mm0.69Kg10 £9.65
EP644SM6 mm6 mm1.37Kg10 £6.43
EP645SM10 mm5 mm1.91Kg5 £5.02
EP656SM12 mm3 mm1.37Kg5 £8.34