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Magnetic Separation Square Grid

Magnetic Grids and Grates – Square

Buy Square Magnetic Grids and Grates online with Bunting – eMagnets™

The Square Magnetic Separator Grid can be bought is sizes varying from between 100mm x 100mm up to 500mm x 500mm. The sizes change in 50mm increments.

The Separator Magnet Rods are made from Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, magnets, assembled in repulsion and our Food Grade range are then then encased in a food quality stainless steel casing that is sealed by welding and then the welds are cleaned and polished. This allows the Magnetic Separator Grid to be long lasting, easy to clean and simple to maintain.

The optimum magnetic ‘straining’ is achieved by the holding of the Separator Magnet Rods in position by the stainless steel plates. The gaps between the Separator Magnet Rods prevent bridging during capture of the ferrous contamination.

It is suggested that, by stacking the grids, there is an increased chance of collecting more ferrous particles.

Ferrous contamination can be removed from free-flowing substances such as tea, coffee, sugar, animal feed, grains, powders, shredded plastics/paper/metals, etc.

We can also produce bespoke Square Magnetic Separator Grids (larger than 500mm x 500mm is possible; rectangular and bespoke shapes can also be produced) with varying temperature ratings (+80 deg C up to +350 deg C) using different Gauss rated rods (9000 Gauss, 10000Gauss and 12000Gauss). Please contact us for more details.


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Part #LengthWidthMaterialTypeFood GradeGaussPackage QuantityPriceQuantity
GSM-100-NHI-F100 mm100 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £97.84
GSM-100-NHI100 mm100 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £58.06
GSM-100-A-CR100 mm100 mmFerriteAngular BafflesNo2500-2900 Gauss1 £29.41
GSM-100-NPB100 mm100 mmNeodymiumPower BalancedNo4000-5000 Gauss1 £64.35
GSM-150-NPB150 mm150 mmNeodymiumPower BalancedNo4000-5000 Gauss1 £140.78
Out of Stock
GSM-150-NHI-F150 mm150 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £213.08
GSM-150-A-CR150 mm150 mmFerriteAngular BafflesNo2500-2900 Gauss1 £54.34
Out of Stock
GSM-150-NHI150 mm150 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £172.55
GSM-200-A-CR200 mm200 mmFerriteAngular BafflesNo2500-2900 Gauss1 £88.66
GSM-200-NPB200 mm200 mmNeodymiumPower BalancedNo4000-5000 Gauss1 £278.07
GSM-200-NHI-F200 mm200 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £359.68
Out of Stock
GSM-200-NHI200 mm200 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £303.92
GSM-250-A-CR250 mm250 mmFerriteAngular BafflesNo2500-2900 Gauss1 £133.00
GSM-250-NHI-F250 mm250 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £549.02
GSM-250-NHI250 mm250 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £421.87
GSM-250-NPB250 mm250 mmNeodymiumPower BalancedNo4000-5000 Gauss1 £321.56
GSM-300-NHI-F300 mm300 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £676.47
Out of Stock
GSM-300-NPB300 mm300 mmNeodymiumPower BalancedNo4000-5000 Gauss1 £474.51
GSM-300-A-CR300 mm300 mmFerriteAngular BafflesNo2500-2900 Gauss1 £200.00
GSM-300-NHI300 mm300 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £480.39
GSM-350-NHI-F350 mm350 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £735.29
GSM-350-NHI350 mm350 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £637.26
GSM-400-NHI-F400 mm400 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £921.56
GSM-450-NHI-F450 mm450 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityYes10000 Gauss1 £1,225.49
GSM-500-NHI500 mm500 mmNeodymiumHigh IntensityNo10000 Gauss1 £1,598.04