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Elite Catches

When you have finely crafted furniture or a room using bespoke designs, you need every last detail to convey quality.

Our Elite Range is an elegant solution, giving you strong magnets to make furniture functional, while maintaining a high-quality finish. Plus, these unique products allow the use of soft close dampers with traditional butt hinges. A near silent operation can be achieved as these catches will work over an air gap.

When you have a bespoke project that demands high standards, there are no better magnetic catches than these.

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The Bunting Magnetics Elite Catches is a range of contemporary designed high quality catches for the bespoke furniture market.

The Elite Catches can be either surface mounted or flush mounted beneath the surface of the wood (knock-in) depending on the design. These unique products allow the use of soft close dampers with traditional butt hinges. Because they will work over an air gap this means they can offer a sophisticated smooth and near silent operation.

Some of the Elite Catches hide the active magnet surface behind a visually appealing high quality metal cover to provide the aesthetic finish required for an upmarket contemporary bespoke furniture design.

The maximum possible holding force achievable is 1kg to 8kg depending on the version.

The Elite Range of Magnetic Catches will transform any bespoke kitchen or piece of high end furniture or cabinet. The finishes of the stylish surface mounted metal catches or the totally flush yet discrete catches are so sophisticated that you and your customers will be astounded. And we offer a range of catches that can work over an air gap to allow a near silent magnetic operation.

For those customers who prefer the traditional style of a “butt” hinge then the flush Elite magnetic catches allow a soft close device to be used to give a modern feel to a traditional product.

And for those customers requiring a silent closure that does not shake or rattle the furniture when operating, our Elite catches feature a buffer between the catch and steel counter plate which provides a quiet but secure close.

The Elite catches offer smooth stylish lines, no visible fixing holes and no unsightly protruding pole pieces leaving the furniture still visually appealing.

The Elite Surface Mounted Range offers surface mounted magnetic catches with all fixings and pole pieces stylishly hidden from view. The Elite Surface Mounted catches do not require intimate contact with the counter plate (they will work with a gap in between) and provide a near silent operation. The excellent performance of our catches prevents doors from bowing (or even if the doors do bow slightly our Elite catches will continue to perform). They are available in chrome, brass or black nickel finish with 2kg, 5kg, and 8kg holding forces.

Bunting Magnetics Europe offers adjustable brackets for the surface mounted 2kg and 5kg Elite Catches. One option allows the catch to be screwed to the adjusting bracket to increase the overall height by 3 mm and also allows you 4-5mm of front to back adjustment. The bracket is obscured from view by the catch and careful positioning within the cabinet. The second option increases the operating height of the catch by about 15 mm, avoiding the need for an additional wooden mounting block. If the inside edge of the cabinet is at a different position to the door frame, this is the ideal choice. The second option offers approximately 5 mm of front to back adjustment.

The Elite Flush Magnet Range offers high quality magnetic catches which are concealed from view. The fittings provide a flush fit to any door or frame and will hold in-frame doors securely and quietly. They can be mounted either to allow them to be visible or mounted sub-flush so they become totally invisible. As with any magnet the further the gap between the catch and the counterplate then the weaker the attractive force will become. It is recommended that all flush magnets are bonded into their fixing hole with a suitable contact adhesive, except the IF2K Knock-In version which requires no adhesive to secure it into the hole (you can simply tap it into place).