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Three Rectangular Bar Magnets

Alnico Rectangular Bar Magnets

Buy Rectangular Bar Magnets online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Rectangular bar magnets are traditional rectangular Alnico bar magnets.

Each size is supplied in a pair.

Maximum operating temperature:500 deg.C

950 Gauss

Used for education, research and for scientific applications.


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Part #LengthWidthDepthPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
MAG84215 mm10 mm50 mm950 Gauss2 £12.88
MAG84315 mm10 mm75 mm950 Gauss2 £31.29
MAG84410 mm5 mm20 mm950 Gauss2 £6.29
MAG84512.5 mm5 mm40 mm950 Gauss2 £7.73

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