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Rectangular Magnetic Chucks

Buy Rectangular Magnetic Chucks online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Magnetic Chucks from E-Magnets UK available in 2 pitches:
A is Standard Pitch : suitable for workpieces above 3mm.
AA is Fine Pole Pitch : suitable for small or thinner workpieces below 3mm and helps to avoid distortion in thinner parts.


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Part #LengthWidthPitchPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
MC-175-100-S-AA175 mm100 mmAA100N1 £170.00
MC-175-100-S-A175 mm100 mmA100N1 £167.67
MC-250-125-S-AA250 mm125 mmAA100N1 £218.91
MC-250-125-S-A250 mm125 mmA100N1 £207.25
Out of Stock
MC-300-150-S-A300 mm150 mmA100N1 £286.44
MC-300-150-S-AA300 mm150 mmAA100N1 £298.08
Out of Stock
MC-350-150-S-A350 mm150 mmA100N1 £333.01
MC-350-150-S-AA350 mm150 mmAA100N1 £344.66
MC-450-150-S-A450 mm150 mmA100N1 £430.82
MC-450-150-S-AA450 mm150 mmAA100N1 £454.10
Out of Stock
MC-600-300-S-AA600 mm300 mmAA100N1 £1,329.72
MC-600-300-S-A600 mm300 mmA100N1 £1,313.41
Out of Stock