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Magnetic Clasp Handbag Magnet

Buy Magnetic Clasp Handbag Magnet online with Bunting – eMagnets™ This isn’t just a handbag magnet. This magnetic clasp could be used to hold any two items together. Primarily used in the making of bags, handbags, purses and fashion accessories. They have also been used to make gift boxes, packaging and other magnetic catch applications. The magnetic clasp is a two part unit. The 19.4mm shaped magnet disc has a magnet sunk inside its recess; the 14mm diameter plated ferrous steel disc has a 4mm diameter protrusion. The smaller ferrous disc attracts to the magnet disc and is prevented from sliding because the protrusion fits into the recess of the magnet like a plug and socket. At the back of each are metal tabs which are to be inserted through slits you have to put into the material (e.g. leather) – bend the tabs over to hold each part in place.


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