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Clearance Magnetic Rods

Buy Clearance Magnetic Rods online with Bunting – eMagnets™

A selection of magnetic rods in a wide range of lengths at fantastic prices.

Available in Neo Power Balanced, Neo High Intensity and Ferrite options.


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Part #DiameterLengthMaterialGaussPackage QuantityPriceQuantity
C-4010-CR1 Inch10 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £7.48
C-4010-NPB1 Inch10 InchNeodymium4400 Gauss1 £31.64
C-4012-M-NPB1 Inch300 mmNeodymium4400 Gauss1 £36.92
C-4012-NPB1 Inch12 InchNeodymium4400 Gauss1 £36.92
C-4014-CR1 Inch14 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £12.21
C-4016-CR1 Inch16 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £20.39
C-4016-NPB1 Inch16 InchNeodymium4400 Gauss1 £49.22
C-4018-CR1 Inch18 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £23.66
C-4020-NHI1 Inch20 InchNeodymium11200 Gauss1 £113.74
C-4020-NPB1 Inch20 InchNeodymium4400 Gauss1 £61.53
C-4022-CR1 Inch22 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £27.33
C-4024-CR1 Inch24 InchFerrite1975 Gauss1 £28.69