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Bunting – e-Magnets have a range of Ferrite Magnets in Disc, Countersunk Disc, Ring and Rectangular magnets. Ferrite Magnets, also known as Ceramic Magnets can be used in a wide range of applications, they have an excellent resistance to demagnetisation and corrosion. They have excellent machining properties which allows them to be cut into different shapes and sizes and a relative low cost.

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Buy Ceramic Ferrite Magnets online with Bunting – eMagnets™
Ferrite magnets can be used in a wide range of applications due to their high coercivity and low cost.
They also have good machining properties which allows them to be cut into different shapes and sizes – they are cut with diamond tooling; standard drills and wire spark erosion techniques do not work.

Ferrite has an excellent resistance to demagnetisation/corrosion, however care must be taken when handling the product due to its brittleness. Ferrite magnets can be used up to +250 degrees C making it ideal for use in electrical machines. At sub-zero temperatures e.g. less than -10 to -20 deg C, ferrite may start to show a reduced pull force (the temperature and the degree of weakening depends on the magnet shape and is application specific; for most uses this effect does not happen as the magnets never get that cold).

Ferrite magnets have electrically insulating properties, hence they are sometimes also called Ceramic Magnets. Their high resistivity means that electricity does not pass easily through them, making wire spark erosion cutting impossible. Typical tolerances for ferrite magnets is +/-0.25mm. We offer 27 grades of ferrite magnet (Y8T through to Y40, including C5, C8, Y30BH, Feroba2 and Feroba3). Ferrite C5 (Y30 or Feroba 2 or Fer 2) and Ferrite C8 (Y30H-1 or Feroba 3 or Fer 3) are the most popular grades.

Common applications include reed switches, loud speakers, security systems, audio and television and also holding devices such as pot magnets. Ferrite magnets are often used in electrical motor applications.

Please be aware these are ferrite magnets – they are not the same as ferrite cores as used in transformers. Ferrite magnets retain their magnetism; transformer ferrites only have magnetism when an electrical current passes through the surrounding coil which disappears when the current is turned off – they work in completely different ways. Ferrite magnets are hard ferrites – high Hc and Hci values; Transformer ferrites are soft ferrites – much lower Hc and Hci values.

The Ferrite / Ceramic Magnet Range:-
Y8T:- Br=200-235mT, Hc=125-160kA/m, Hci=210-280kA/m, (BH)max=6.5-9.5kJ/m^3
Y10T:- Br=200-235mT, Hc=128-160kA/m, Hci=210-280kA/m, (BH)max=6.4-9.6kJ/m^3
Y20:- Br=320-380mT, Hc=135-190kA/m, Hci=140-195kA/m, (BH)max=18.0-22.0kJ/m^3
Y22H:- Br=310-360mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=280-320kA/m, (BH)max=20.0-24.0kJ/m^3
Y23:- Br=320-370mT, Hc=170-190kA/m, Hci=190-230kA/m, (BH)max=20.0-25.5kJ/m^3
Y25:- Br=360-400mT, Hc=135-170kA/m, Hci=140-200kA/m, (BH)max=22.5-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H:- Br=360-390mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=23.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H-1:- Br=360-390mT, Hc=200-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=23.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y26H-2:- Br=360-380mT, Hc=263-288kA/m, Hci=318-350kA/m, (BH)max=24.0-28.0kJ/m^3
Y27H:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=205-250kA/m, Hci=210-255kA/m, (BH)max=25.0-29.0kJ/m^3
Y28:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=175-210kA/m, Hci=180-220kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y28H-1:- Br=380-400mT, Hc=240-260kA/m, Hci=250-280kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y28H-2:- Br=360-380mT, Hc=271-295kA/m, Hci=382-405kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30:- Br=370-400mT, Hc=175-210kA/m, Hci=180-220kA/m, (BH)max=26.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30BH:- Br=380-390mT, Hc=223-235kA/m, Hci=231-245kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-30.0kJ/m^3
Y30H-1:- Br=380-400mT, Hc=230-275kA/m, Hci=235-290kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-32.0kJ/m^3
Y30H-2:- Br=395-415mT, Hc=275-300kA/m, Hci=310-335kA/m, (BH)max=27.0-32.5kJ/m^3
Y32:- Br=400-420mT, Hc=160-190kA/m, Hci=165-195kA/m, (BH)max=30.0-33.5kJ/m^3
Y32H-1:- Br=400-420mT, Hc=190-230kA/m, Hci=230-250kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y32H-2:- Br=400-440mT, Hc=224-240kA/m, Hci=230-250kA/m, (BH)max=31.0-34.0kJ/m^3
Y33:- Br=410-430mT, Hc=220-250kA/m, Hci=225-255kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y33H:- Br=410-430mT, Hc=250-270kA/m, Hci=250-275kA/m, (BH)max=31.5-35.0kJ/m^3
Y34:- Br=420-440mT, Hc=200-230kA/m, Hci=205-235kA/m, (BH)max=32.5-36.0kJ/m^3
Y35:- Br=430-450mT, Hc=215-239kA/m, Hci=217-241kA/m, (BH)max=33.1-38.2kJ/m^3
Y36:- Br=430-450mT, Hc=247-271kA/m, Hci=250-274kA/m, (BH)max=35.1-38.3kJ/m^3
Y38:- Br=440-460mT, Hc=285-305kA/m, Hci=294-310kA/m, (BH)max=36.6-40.6kJ/m^3
Y40:- Br=440-460mT, Hc=330-354kA/m, Hci=340-360kA/m, (BH)max=37.5-41.8kJ/m^3

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