Magnets for motors

Engineered magnets for  motors

Motors are used everywhere and in many ways — from small household appliances to industrial machinery. Despite the variation in size and application, the one thing electric motors have in common is that magnets are a vital component in an electric motor — they rely on the principles of magnetism to create motion.

Magnetic challenges in motor applications

There are several challenges to consider and overcome when choosing a magnet for motor applications, for example:

High temperatures

When in motion, electric motors can heat up. Some electric motors can experience temperatures over 150°C when they’re in operation. Alnico magnets, neodymium magnets (high-temperature grades) and samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo magnets) are particularly good at withstanding temperatures.

Ensuring weight and dimensions are perfect

Getting the correct size in motor design is essential for the motor to work effectively. Small yet powerful magnets such as neodymium magnets are ideal for light, dense, small-scale motors.

Getting the speed, strength and torque right

The speed, strength, and torque of the motor are decided by the choice of magnet.

Applications of motor magnets

One of the most widespread uses of magnets in industry is for motor magnets. Applications of motor magnets include:

  • Vehicles
  • Household appliances
  • Disk drives
  • Electric watches
  • Industrial fans
  • Power tools
  • Blowers and pumps

Motors can also be used in reverse, as generators, to recover energy that might have been lost. For example, applications like regenerative braking with traction motors. In this case, the energy from the spinning wheels is used to reverse the direction of the electricity from the motor to the battery.

Our motor magnets

Many of the latest, most effective motors use permanent magnets in their design, as opposed to induction motors. Permanent magnets are often used in motors that require a constant magnetic field, such as wind turbines, electric vehicles and generators. There are several popular permanent magnets used in motors; these include:

Permanent magnets have many benefits, such as:

✔ Lightweight
✔ More reliable performance
✔ Compact
✔ High torque
✔ Less energy loss, more efficient

Quality assured magnets

Quality assurance measures are at the forefront of what we do. Our magnets always meet the highest standards. We’re proud that our strict stance is proven in our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, showing how our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility is an integral part of our work.

Every area of our work — from the material selection to the manufacturing to the end product — is part of a quality management system that results in the highest quality products and focuses on our customer satisfaction.

Why choose e-Magnets?

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