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Bunting - Halbach Array Diagram

Neodymium Halbach Arrays

Buy NdFeB Halbach Array online with Bunting – eMagnets™

The Halbach Array is a specialised magnetic assembly that harnesses the power of Rare Earth permanent magnets. It’s meticulously designed to create a precisely controlled, high-strength magnetic field without relying on ferromagnetic materials. Our NdFeB Halbach Arrays are two-pole configurations using standard NdFeB magnets with a recommended maximum operating temperature of +80 degrees Celsius. The magnetic field strength at the air gap’s centre exceeds 10,000 Gauss or 1 Tesla at ambient temperature. These arrays feature an outer protective brass sleeve. Should you require custom Halbach Arrays, we’re ready to manufacture them upon request. Please note that the typical lead time for crafting a Halbach Array is 11-12 weeks.


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Part #GradeODIDDepthField in the borePackage QuantityPriceQuantity
ES835N45105mm30mm40mm1 Tesla1 £1,185.00
ES835-40N48115mm40mm40mm1 Tesla1 £2,950.00
Out of Stock
ES835-50N52220mm50mm40mm1 Tesla1 £4,950.00
Out of Stock
ES835-60N45220mm60mm75mm1 Tesla1 £6,950.00
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