Magnets: The Invisible Force Shaping Diverse Industries

Industrial Magnetic Solutions

Magnets play a vital role in a diverse range of industrial applications, from motors to computer hard drives to kitchens. Whether the required magnet is just a few millimetres in diameter or needs to operate in high temperatures, Bunting has developed an extensive magnet range for all applications.

Whether the application requires Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic Ferrite, or AlNiCo, Bunting provides the ultimate magnet solution.

Sectors we work with

Professional Contractor Cabinetmaker in His 40s Assembling of New Apartment Kitchen Cabinets. Modern Furnishing.

Furniture Magnets

Discover how magnets are used within the furniture making industry

Computer Magnets v1

Computer Magnets

Learn about the wide range of solutions we offer to the computer industry

Stator of an IPM-SynRM (Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor) motor of an moder electric vehicle. EV maintenance, service; repair concept;

Automotive Magnets

Learn about our extensive range of solutions for the automotive industry

Aerospace Magnetsv1

Aerospace Magnets

eMagnets is a key partner in supplying the aerospace industry

Medical Magnets

Medical Device Magnets

Discover our high-quality magnets tailored for medical devices

Motor Magnets

Motor magnets

Enhance your motors with our range of powerful magnets

Why choose Bunting?

Bunting has been supplying magnets for over 60 years, constantly growing as a specialist supplier of high-quality magnets and magnetic solutions. With product quality being the foundation of Bunting, the company has become renowned for providing consistently high-quality products, becoming a key supplier in the following sectors:

  • Furniture and Cabinet making
  • Computer
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Motor
  • Medical

Bunting acquired eMagnets in 2013, allowing Bunting's magnetic engineers to develop eMagnets' industrial sector capabilities further with their extensive industry experience. Now, eMagnets can offer tailored solutions to meet your business's requirements.

Market-leading customer service

Bunting comprises a team of professionals who work efficiently in tandem, allowing for an unbeatable level of customer service. Our team has excellent product range knowledge and is happy to answer any questions. You can call, live chat, or email any questions or queries. Additionally, our warehouse team understands how important deadlines and delivery dates can be, and they work hard to ensure all orders are promptly packed and posted.

Fair, competitive prices

Bunting proudly offers quantity discount pricing, giving businesses great discounts when replenishing their stocks of our products. Additionally, prices are regularly reviewed to ensure they are fair.