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Neodymium Magnets Spheres

Neodymium Spheres

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They are magnetised across their diameters which prevents them from rolling out of position (with a North and South positioning like our planet Earth). Their spherical shape makes them easy to grip for removing and repositioning. The shape is also regarded as aesthetically pleasing.

They exist in two sizes (6.4mm and 9mm diameters) and three colours (black, gold, and nickel). We can possibly produce in other diameters, grades and coatings but the manufacturing process limits the possibilities (e.g. D50.4mm in N40 largest produced to date) – please contact us if you require a quotation.

The Neodymium spheres magnets have an extraordinary level of magnetism which means they can be joined into chains to form necklaces and bracelets which are secure but can also be split and then re-joined for the chain again. This makes them a great fashion accessory and jewellery addition.

These magnetic neodymium spheres are also ideal for holding large drawings and posters onto steel white boards, mild steel walls, fridges, magnetic notice boards, etc.


Neodymium Sphere Magnets are highly strong magnets with pleasant aesthetics. They are great for holding posters and general craft items into boards, steel walls, and fridges and they can also be used into fashion and jewellery industries.


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Part #DiameterPull (Kgs)CoatingColourMaterialGradePackage QuantityPriceQuantity
EP222B6.4 mm0.7kgEpoxyBlackNeodymiumN3810 £10.17
EP222G6.4 mm0.7kg22K GoldGoldNeodymiumN3810 £11.30
EP222N6.4 mm0.7kgNiCuNiSilverNeodymiumN3810 £10.17
EP223B9 mm1.3kgEpoxyBlackNeodymiumN3810 £16.94
EP223G9 mm1.3kg22K GoldGoldNeodymiumN3810 £18.08
EP223N9 mm1.3kgNiCuNiSilverNeodymiumN3810 £16.94