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Bunting – eMagnets stock an extensive range of Pot Magnets suitable for a vast amount of Applications. We stock pot magnets with many different mounting options using a range of magnet materials suitable for different applications including Alnico, Ferrite, Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt.

Pot Magnet Countersunk

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Deep Pot Magnets

Two red deep pot magnets

Buy Pot Magnets online with Bunting – eMagnets™

We offer an extensive range of Pot Magnets, from small Pot Magnets lifting 400g up to large Pot Magnets lifting up to 130kg. They exist in a wide range of diameters and heights. We actually offer far more sizes and pull forces across the range than shown on this site – if you cannot see a Pot Magnet of the right size or performance, please contact us for our complete brochure range.

We offer seven types of Pot Magnet plus a Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet:-
Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Mounting (Deep Pot)
Pot Magnet with Countersunk Mounting (Shallow Pot)
Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting
Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting
Pot Magnet with Threaded Through Hole Mounting
Limpet Pot Magnet
Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet

We offer Pot Magnets in a silver (chrome, zinc or nickel) finish, a white paint finish, a red paint finish, black rubber coated finish and ferritic stainless steel finish.

Our Pot Magnets can be used in a variety of applications. For example they can be used in extremely cold applications (in theory towards absolute zero) and in extremely hot conditions (up to +300 degrees C, perhaps up to +350 deg C).

All the Pot Magnet types can be used for ambient temperature indoor applications where moisture content is low or negligible. NdFeB Pot Magnets are best for maximum pull strength with a small size. Ferrite Pot Magnets can be used for corrosion resistance, marine, low cost and higher-temperature applications. Alnico Pot Magnets can be used in higher temperature applications and where the pull force needs to change as little as possible with temperature variation. Alnico Pot Magnets can also be used in corrosion resistance applications. SmCo Pot Magnets can be used for extreme temperature applications and marine/corrosion resistance applications.

We offer rubber-coated magnets to provide extra friction to minimise slipping across the clamped surface (the total pull force is reduced as an ‘effective air gap’ in introduced between the magnet and the clamping surface). It allows Pot Magnets to clamp more securely to a vertical surface with reduced slip (this compensates for a need to have a much stronger magnet – the force required to create a slip, or shear, on a clamped Pot Magnet is estimated as around 20% the maximum pull although the friction levels impact on this approximation). For note, the pull force values are based upon the Pot Magnet working at maximum magnetic specification clamping onto a much bigger high magnetic permeability mild steel base and the force stated is that required to guarantee removing the Pot Magnet on every occasion. Clamping onto thin sheet could result in a reduced clamping force as the thin ferromagnetic sheet magnetically saturates. Clamping through an ‘effective air gap’ also significantly reduces the pull force. And the temperature characteristics of the magnets also impact on pull force (above ambient temperatures result in reduced pull forces – the amount of reduction depends on the magnet material in the Pot Magnet).

We have designed a range of Pot Magnets suitable for marine applications and applications at the extremes of the temperature range for magnets. We have combined corrosion-resistant ferromagnetic stainless steel with SmCo to provide a strong Pot Magnet with improved corrosion resistance and with a stable pull force over a very wide temperature range. The extreme performance characteristics make it a superb choice where the application has to work in extreme environments.

The Surface Protecting Slide Resist Clamp Magnet has a Polyurethane coating to protect the surface it is placed against whilst providing a superior shear force to resist sliding along that surface.

Applications include marine, Point of Sale, window dressing, door/cupboard and gate clamps, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seals, jigs and fixtures, lighting fixtures and assemblies, marketing and exhibition displays, retrieval magnets, industrial fixings, etc.

We can also offer a made to measure Pot Magnets service to meet specific requirements. This is usually offered around a minimum order quantity requirement. Please get in touch if you require this service.