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e-Magnets stock an extensive range of Pot Magnets suitable for a vast amount of Applications. We stock pot magnets with many different mounting options using a range of magnet materials suitable for different applications including Alnico, Ferrite, Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt.

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Two red deep pot magnets

Buy Pot Magnets online with e-Magnets™
Discover our extensive range of pot magnets. These high-performance magnets are available in a variety of different sizes and strengths, suitable for many applications. Whatever your unique requirements, you’ll find the type you need.

Pot magnets are perfect for fixing and fastening applications as they’re housed inside a sturdy steel shell for impressive holding power and improved protection from breakage.

From lighting fixtures and marketing displays to signs and banners and retrieval of objects, pot magnets have multiple uses. Find the pot magnets you need from the categories below, and rest assured of their stability and durability.

Pot magnets for every application
Thanks to the expert design and engineering behind them, our pot magnets outperform others in both commercial and residential environments.

Explore our range of pot magnets used in extreme marine environments where corrosion-resistant properties are fundamental. Others, such as SmCo magnets, can withstand temperatures close to absolute zero and as high as 300C – and still give you a stable pull force.

Then, rubber-coated magnets clamp much more securely to vertical surfaces, meaning you don’t need such a powerful magnet.

We’ve got you covered, from mounting signs and displays to securing tools and kitchen utensils and creating magnetic storage solutions.

However, you’re using your pot magnets; optional hooks and eye screws make it easy to attach them.

Our wide range of pot magnets
Are you looking for a pot magnet of a specific size? We offer you a wide range of diameters and heights, ensuring your magnets fit where you need them.

You can also choose from different materials for the magnet – including alnico, ferrite, neodymium and samarium cobalt – each with its properties. And there are various finishes, including different materials and colours.

Select your pot magnet based on the pull force or mounting type required. We’re always happy to discuss your requirements and find the custom solution that works for you. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

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