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Red Ferrite Limpet Pot Magnet

Ferrite Limpet Pots

Buy Ferrite Limpet Pots online with Bunting – eMagnets™

Limpet Pot Magnets provide high performance and low profile.

The Limpet Pot Magnet incorporates a ferrite magnet to give a superior hold on surfaces which are dirty and uneven.

The Limpet Pot Magnet has a maximum operating temperature of 180 deg C. The maximum pull force ranges from 6kg up to 55kg. Each Limpet Pot Magnet is supplied with a removable hook.

Common applications include holding back doors and gates or any other application which needs a solid, positive and reliable magnetic grab.


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Part #DiameterDepthMounting TypeHole DiameterHole TypePull (Kgs)CoatingMaterialPackage QuantityPriceQuantity
MAG89046 mm11 mmInternal Threaded MountingM6Tapped6kgPaintedAlnico1 £7.52
MAG89155 mm11 mmInternal Threaded MountingM6Tapped16kgPaintedAlnico1 £7.95
MAG89266 mm11 mmInternal Threaded MountingM6Tapped25kgPaintedAlnico1 £9.36
MAG89676 mm12.5 mmInternal Threaded MountingM6Tapped33kgPaintedAlnico1 £13.63
MAG897100 mm15 mmInternal Threaded MountingM6Tapped55kgPaintedAlnico1 £26.23

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