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Magnetic Door Stops

Magnetic door stops - a sleek and reliable solution to keeping doors securely open or closed. With their easy installation and adjustable design, our door stops offer convenience and style for any space. Say goodbye to slamming doors and hello to effortless door management with our magnetic door stops.

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Upgrade the security of your doors, gates, and panels with our magnetic door stops. These wall and floor-mounted door stops hold your doors firmly in place, making them ideal for use in public buildings, rolling stock, seagoing vessels, and various machinery. 

Our magnetic door stops are designed to withstand vibrations, draughts, and sudden acceleration or deceleration, ensuring your doors remain secure at all times. The magnetic door stop body is slightly flexible, which means it can adjust to movements after fitting. Depending on your requirements, they can be mounted on either the floor or wall. 

You can also choose from three different colour options: grey, brown, and black, making it easy to match the stops to your decor. 

The E-Magnets range offers a maximum holding force of 10kg to 20kg, depending on the version. The Pull (Kgs) figure is a nominal pull force. 

Upgrade your door security with magnetic door stops today.

Reliable range of magnetic door stops.

Magnetic door stops are a smart and stylish way to secure your doors. With their innovative design, these door stops use a magnet embedded in a base plate and a strike plate, which attract and hold the door in place when not in use. 

When you need to close the door, a gentle push is all it takes to overcome the magnetic force and allow the door to shut effortlessly. 

These door stops are easy to install and can be adjusted to suit different door heights and weights. Magnetic door stops are the perfect solution for easy and secure door management, whether in your home, office, or commercial space. 

Choose magnetic door stops for a sleek and reliable way to manage your interior doors.

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