Magnet Experts

Magnet Experts

So much more than magnet sales …

E-Magnets is the e-commerce division of Bunting Magnetics Europe. As well as offering next delivery from a vast range of magnets and magnetic products, we also offer market leading technical support through a team of magnet experts, dedicated design engineers and quality professionals with full magnetic test facilities at our 2 manufacturing facilities in the UK.  In addition to this we are part of the Bunting Group, with an additional 4 facilities in the USA and one in China. Our heritage goes back over 60 years, but our approach, knowledge and investment means we are a 21st Century business; ready to help you with any magnet or magnetic project, however large or small.

Magnet Experts

Key elements of our Technical Departments in the UK:

  • A dedicated team of 5 Design Engineers plus an Apprentice Design Engineer.
  • Quality Manager whose team’s test centre has the latest magnetic test and measurement equipment, so we can guarantee all our magnets meet the specification we say they do.  All material sources are regularly audited to meet the company’s quality and ethical policies.
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  • UK Manufacturer of Precision Bonded Rare Earth Magnets.
  • Manufacturing capabilities include Turning, Milling, Grinding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, MIG and TIG Welding to ISO3834, Coil winding, Electronic Assembly and Test.
  • Design and Manufacture High Voltage Magnetising Systems and Fixtures, which are sold around the world to leading OEM Manufacturers and Research Centres.

These resources are all supported by two key figures in the Magnetics Industry:

Matthew Swallow:

Matthew Swallow

01442 875081

Dr. Chris Riley:

Dr. Chris Riley

01442 875081

Design and Testing Departments:

Our design and testing departments have world class capabilities for supporting all stages of a project from design to delivery.

Some of the equipment used for Design, Rapid Prototyping and Testing includes:

  • 3D Printing Machines – to rapidly manufacture and develop products and tooling
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Machine, rated to test to 200 degrees C with National Physics Lab Calibrated Helmholtz coils and Integrating Flux Meter – for testing magnetic properties
  • A range of Guass meters, Helmholtz coils and Magnetising and De-magnetising equipment.
  • Opera 3D FEA Simulation Software used to design Magnetic and Electromagnetic circuits
  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine for complex dimensional measuring
  • Rotary Scanners
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Environmental and Salt Spray Testing

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