Magnetic Assemblies

Bunting – World leaders in the Design and Manufacture of Precision Magnetic Assemblies.

Our Magnetic Assemblies department featuring World Class Engineers and facilities incorporating 3D FEA Software, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing capabilities has the ability to design and manufacture bespoke and volume precision magnetic assemblies.

Supplying many industry sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and medical … we can supply large scale static systems up to 1m square through to small dynamically balanced, high speed rotary systems.  We utilise dedicated assembly cells to optimise manufacturing processes.

We offer an extensive range of professional services including:

Design for Manufacture

3D FEA Modelling from Concept & Design Optimisation

Magnet Manufacture


Offering ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation, excellent customer service, a strong supply chain and expert knowledge make Bunting a superb long term partner for providing your magnetic assembly requirements.

Our Capabilities:

Value Engineering and Design – Our skilled engineers and the latest 3D FEA modelling software can assist you in improving the performance of your products and maximise any potential cost reductions.

Technical Magnetic Assemblies – Our dedicated machining facilities ensure we are able to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.  From one off design studies to full production runs our in house capabilities allow us to operate as lean as possible reducing the cost of magnetic assemblies.

Magnetising Equipment – Bunting design and build magnetising chargers and fixtures ensuring we offer the most complete package as your chosen magnet partner.  Post assembly magnetisation of parts even for low volume production proves a hugely beneficial cost reduction.

Design for Manufacture:

Our dedicated engineering team will work collaboratively with you to completely understand the end application and work with you towards a shared goal incorporating:

Magnetic Materials choice – making sure you use the correct magnetic materials.

Material Analysis

Bonding Agents

Design for Repeatability

Post Assembly Machining

A selection of the Industries and Applications we service:


Motors | Actuators | Flight Surface Control | Fuel Pumping Systems


Sensors | Shielding | Assembly Aids


Sensors | Missile Flight Surface Control | Flight Suit Cooling | Jet Reversible Air Turbine


Small Scale Bespoke MRI

Oil & Gas

Debris Capture | Down Hole Pumping | Artificial Lift


Sintered magnetic materials are severely limited in use by their low tensile strength which makes them extremely brittle.  We aim to develop a design with our customers where parts can be magnetised post assemble to reduce the risk of damage to people or components. 

We have our own in-house design and manufacturing capabilities of magnetising fixtures resulting in cost effective solutions for both low and high-volume projects.

If you would like to discuss your project with our Magnetic Assemblies Engineer / Manager you can contact Matthew Swallow directly:

T : 01442 875081

E :