Magnetising Equipment

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Magnetising Equipment

Bunting have over 60 years’ experience in the magnetics industry and are the only company to make magnets as well as magnetisers offering modular design and bespoke solutions.

Our Magnetiser Range falls into 4 main sectors:

  • Industrial Magnetisers
  • Bench Top & Laboratory Magnetisers
  • Magnet Setters
  • Magnetising Fixtures

Industrial Magnetisers – BMC Series

The BMC series were developed to service the more complex applications within industry with high energy demands.  We adopt a modular construction format which easily allows these magnetisers to offer a broad range of energy levels with varying capacitance and voltage configurations to meet the needs of the application more accurately.  The BMC series are PLC controlled and can interface with customers own production systems.

The BMC series are suitable for a wide range of applications from simple 2 pole fixtures through flywheels, permanent magnet rotors or traction motors requiring high energy multipole magnetisation.

Bench Top & Laboratory Magnetisers – BMLC Series

The BMLC series have been designed to fulfil the needs of laboratory or small-part production environments.

The unit incorporates a workbench dedicated for fixtures where they can either be hard wired for permanent installations or for a more flexible environment can be simply connected quick release plugs.  The units can be supplied with standard push button control or an HMI interface.

Automation of individual fixture parameter setting is possible whereby all the operating parameters can be stored in the fixture control plug.  When connected to the magnetiser it will automatically set the machine parameters ready for production operation.  This will safeguard fixtures by ensuring they are never operated at a voltage that is too high or at too high a temperature.

The BMLC series are particularly suitable for:

  • Magnetising small multipole magnets up to 50mm diameter.
  • Fine pole pitch magnetisation.
  • More general 2 pole magnetisation of most permanent magnet materials.

Magnet Setters – BMCS Series

These BMCS series setters use capacitor discharge technology generating a pulsed magnetising or demagnetising field within the fixture bore.  They are suitable for magnetising and setting permanent magnets.

The BMCS setters can be used to calibrate magnets to a specific working point when used in conjunction with a magnet measurement system.

The standard machine is available with a series of options including:

  • Digital Display of voltage set point
  • Two Fixture Output
  • Automatic Calibration.

Magnetising Fixtures

We can produce a wide range of Magnetising fixtures to suit your specific requirements for example:

  • Single Axial Solenoids
  • External Radial Multipole Fixture
  • Internal Radial Multipole Fixture
  • Axial Field Multipole Fixture
  • Homopolar / Radial Fixture
  • Fine Pole Pitch Magnetising Fixture Prototype Magnetising Fixture.

Expert Advice

With our extensive 60 years of experience in the magnet industry, we confidently provide our customers with unparalleled technical information and advice.

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