Where are Magnets in Kitchens?

Magnets and magnetic technology are now commonplace in a modern kitchen. From induction hobs to notice board magnets.

One of the most common applications is where magnets securely close cupboard doors. These Magnetic Catches come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, each designed to match the style of any particular kitchen.

Magnetic Catches

Many manufacturers of kitchens design their cabinets and drawers to close with the assistance of a Magnet. The magnetic field pulls the door or drawer closed softly but securely. Magnetic Catches are nothing new, and Bunting has been supplying them since the 1950s. The range of designs encompasses diverse finishes, with the strongest catches having a magnetic holding force of 8kg. There are magnetic catches that are clip-in, surface-mounted, touch latches, and even high-end furniture catches.

4 magnetic catches
Elite Magnetic Catches

The premium Elite Range of Magnetic Catches is dedicated to high-end bespoke furniture and bespoke kitchens, custom-built boats and ships, made-to-measure cabinets, etc. Elite Catches provide an aesthetic top-quality finish and are especially popular with bespoke kitchen designers. The ‘silent closure’ of Elite catches is down to ‘air gaps’ (the surfaces of the catch do not touch, so no noise is created). The popularity of Elite Catches is also due to the easy installation and the professional quality finish.

The ‘Shaker’ Magnetic Catch

The ‘Shaker’ Magnetic Catch is designed explicitly for Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Installation is quick and easy, with only one single screw fixing. The new catch plate is available with a stylish leather buffer (in various shades), providing the almost silent closing of a kitchen cabinet door. The leather buffer is even available with a company’s own branding.

Shaker Catch with Counterplates
Shaker Magnetic Catch with leather buffer catch plate

Not Only Kitchens

Magnetic Catches can be found in kitchens, around the home, at work, in the office, in public buildings, and even on boats and moving applications. They can be used in furniture such as cupboards, doors, frames, panels, boards, displays, etc. The catches can be used to keep doors and cabinets closed or, in some applications, even open (e.g., door stops).

You are never far away from a magnetic catch.

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