NdFeB Halbach Array

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NdFeB Halbach Array

The NdFeB Halbach Array is a two pole design producing a uniform field diametrically across the central air gap. It is 110mm in outer diameter, 30mm in inner diameter central hole and is 40mm in axial length. The magnetic field in the centre of the air gap is at least 10000Gauss / 1Tesla at ambient temperature. The outer protective sleeve is of brass construction.

If you would like other styles and designs of Halbach Array manufacturing (e.g. multiple pole pair or increased number of arcs for even better homogeneity/uniformity of magnetic field), please contact us.

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Part No. Size Grade Pull (kg) Quantity Price Buy
OD110mm x ID30mm x 40mm
NdFeB dipole Halbach Array
10000 Gauss
ES835 OD110mm x ID30mm x 40mm NdFeB dipole Halbach Array 10000 Gauss

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