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Halbach Array 189

Buy Halbach Array online with e-Magnets UK™

The Halbach Array is a specialized magnetic assembly consisting of permanent magnets assembled in such a way as to provide a highly controlled and (usually) high magnetic field ideally without the use of ferromagnetic materials. The assemblies may contain other materials to assist with holding the assembly together (as the high magnetic fields create strong magnetic forces which would damage the assembly if the strengthening materials were not present)

Klaus Halbach invented the Halbach Array in the 1980’s. There are several styles of Halbach Array. The main two shapes are ring/cylinder and linear. The linear version replicates the magnetic field that is seen in flexible rubber magnetic sheet and tape (where multiple poles are on one side and the other side is virtually magnetically ‘dead’). The cylinder/ring Halbach Array can be produced in many ways to give dipole (2 pole) or multiple polarity (multiples of two pole) patterns. High field strengths are possible.

We offer a Halbach Array which is a cylinder/ring shape. The magnetic field within the ring is uniform (parallel field lines which are homogenous) across the entire central hole and of high strength (above 10000 Gauss or 1 Tesla), both being features of the Halbach Array. The Halbach Array ring is made from 8 magnets (45 degree arc segments, each with a specific direction of magnetisation). The ring can be made from more arc segments (the higher the number of segments, the better the uniformity of field within the central air gap, but the assembly cost increases). Each arc segment has the direction of magnetisation such that the magnetic field traverses the central air gap and is then ‘guided’ through and around the magnet material itself.

The Halbach Array we offer is a two pole 110mm in diameter with a 30mm diameter central hole and is 40mm in axial length. It uses standard +80 deg C maximum recommended operating temperature N45 NdFeB. The field in the centre of the air gap is at least 10000Gauss / 1Tesla at ambient temperature. The outer protective sleeve is of brass construction.

Typical uses for Halbach Arrays include motors, generators, R&D, medical, magnetic levitation, etc.

We can manufacture other Halbach Arrays upon request. Please be aware that the lead time for making any Halbach Array is typically 6-7 weeks. Please contact us for a quotation or see our Neodymium Magnets section for a NdFeB Halbach Array.





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