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e-magnets - GM09 Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe and Touchscreen

GM09 Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe and Touchscreen Interface

The Bunting GM09 Gaussmeter is a handheld, touch-screen device for measuring magnetic field strength. Its user-friendly design and rechargeable battery make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Magnet testing: Measure magnet polarity and strength, with pass/fail results based on your defined criteria.
  • Magnetic field testing: Ensure compliance with safety standards or your own specifications.
  • Residual magnetism testing: Verify that materials meet residual magnetism requirements.
  • Fit-to-Fly testing: (Requires high-sensitivity probe) Verify that cargo meets IATA and FAA regulations for magnetism.
  • Food magnet extractor testing: Evaluate the performance of food industry magnet extractors.
  • Occupational safety testing: Assess workplace exposure to magnetic fields according to ICNIRP guidelines.
  • Production testing: Measure magnetic fields in loudspeakers, electric motors, and other components.
  • Quality assurance: Inspect incoming goods for magnetic properties.

Key Features:

  • Touch-screen interface for easy operation
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with USB-C charging
  • Large, clear 3.5" colour touch screen (320×480 px) with backlight
  • Built-in application modes for standard tests and measurements (dependent on probe)
  • Data-logging to USB drive in CSV format (no additional software needed)
  • On-screen help and dedicated knowledge base support

Standard GM09 Kit Includes:

  • GM09 Single Axis Gaussmeter
  • Transverse probe (TP02) with calibration certificate
  • Zero flux chamber
  • USB-C charging/computer cable
  • Carrying case

Optional Accessories:

Standard axial probe (AP002)


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