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GM08 Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe and PC Interface

Elevate your magnetic field measurements to new heights with the GM08 Gaussmeter. This cutting-edge handheld device represents the pinnacle of magnetic field measurement technology, serving as the upgraded successor to the trusted GM07 model.

What sets the GM08 apart? It boasts external connections and seamless PC connectivity, making it an invaluable tool for a wide array of applications. Whether you are conducting scientific research, quality control, or industrial inspections, the GM08 Gaussmeter is your ideal companion.

Included as a standard accessory is the TP002 Transverse Hall Probe, ensuring precise measurements right out of the box.

With the GM08 Gaussmeter, you will unlock unparalleled accuracy and versatility in your work. Don't compromise on quality; choose the GM08 for all your magnetic field analysis needs.


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GM08175mm x 89mm x 40mmWith Transverse ProbeMemory Storage and Software1 £832.00