N52 Neodymium Magnets

It is true that Neo magnets are most people’s first thought when it comes to a magnet, they are the most well-known and widely available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and as such suit a great many applications. They offer the greatest performance with the smallest volume and with most materials like stainless steels Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, magnets exist in a variety of grades. These grades not only vary in magnetic output performance but they also vary with temperature rating. Here we are talking about the current highest performance magnet N52. This is the highest strength per unit volume magnet currently available at e-magnets and is produced using the very latest technologies, including micron powder pulverisation, week-long ultra-high heat treatment processes, both of which are carried out in fully inert environment and high-speed nitrogen quenching. These techniques ensure that none of the individual NdFeB crystals oxidise and are therefore rendered inert and that the maximum number of crystals are orientated in the preferred direction of magnetism so the maximum energy product of 52MGOe is achieved.

It is still important to correctly coat the magnet so that the highly energetic Neo is protected from corrosion, typically this is using a NiCuNi three layer process however our coatings page, https://e-magnetsuk.com/neodymium_magnets/coatings.aspx, has more information on the coatings available.

As magnets can be demagnetised, careful consideration has to be paid to the use of N52 as it is more susceptible to demagnetising under the same conditions as an N42 magnet for example. This is because it is more energy dense and therefor contains more elements per unit volume that are trying to get back to a zero energy state. We do not recommend Halbach arrays to be made from N52, nor would we recommend large thin N52 magnets to be used up to 80 degrees C, for a magnet tailored to your requirements please contact our engineering team on 01442 875081.

Neodymium Magnets

Grades of Neodymium Circular Disc Magnets

Magnets are truly unique materials and it is important that you pick the right material for your application so as to get the most amount of value from your purchase.

If you compare magnets with batteries there are some similarities. Good quality batteries may cost 50% more than cheap ones but could give you double the life and so offer better value for money. High energy magnets like N52, are the best value for money magnets because while they are roughly 18% more expensive than an N42 magnet they have the 23% more energy density.

These are the best value magnets. Providing the most pull force in a comparable magnet size.
If you need the maximum performance in a tight space then this is the material to choose.
If you want to hold a light fitting of 10kg from a 20mm diameter hole this could only happen in N52.

This is a cheaper magnet than N52 but that reduction in price comes at a reduction in performance and will hold roughly 20% less weight than an N52 magnet of a similar size. However if you are simply looking to hold a specific weight OR you are not constricted by space this is a good choice.
If you wanted to hold the same light fitting but had a bigger space you could use this magnet.

This is to be considered a budget choice, if you are holding something very light weight and you only need a magnet that can be easily handled and is cheap then N38 is worth considering. If you want to put paper on a white board for example.