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Neodymium Discs

Grades of Neodymium Circular Disc Magets

Grades of Neodymium Circular Disc Magets

Magnets are truly unique materials and it is important that you pick the right material for your application so as to get the most amount of value from your purchase.

If you compare magnets with batteries there are some similarities. Good quality batteries may cost 50% more than cheap ones but could give you double the life and so offer better value for money. High energy magnets like N52, are the best value for money magnets because while they are roughly 18% more expensive than an N42 magnet they have the 23% more energy density.


  • These are the best value magnets. Providing the most pull force in a comparable magnet size.

    If you need the maximum performance in a tight space then this is the material to choose.

    If you want to hold a light fitting of 10kg from a 20mm diameter hole this could only happen in N52


  • This is a cheaper magnet than N52 but that reduction in price comes at a reduction in performance and will hold roughly 20% less weight than an N52 magnet of a similar size. However if you are simply looking to hold a specific weight OR you are not constricted by space this is a good choice. If you wanted to hold the same light fitting but had a bigger space you could use this magnet.


  • This is to be considered a budget choice, if you are holding something very light weight and you only need a magnet that can be easily handled and is cheap then N38 is worth considering. If you want to put paper on a white board for example.

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