What Are N52 Magnets & How Strong Are They?

N52 magnets are powerful neodymium magnets with several benefits. From their strength and versatility to their efficiency and durability, there’s a wide range of reasons to opt for this type of magnet. 

But what exactly are N52 magnets used for? And what do you need to consider before purchasing one? We’ll take a deep dive into these questions, giving you all the answers you need.

What is an N52 magnet?

An N52 magnet is a Rare Earth neodymium magnet with an energy product of 52 MGOe. Neodymium magnets are manufactured from magnetic materials that consist of neodymium, iron, and boron.

These magnets are powerful and even one of the strongest permanent magnets available. There are several other neodymium magnets, too, including N35, N38, N45 and N48 — the higher the magnetic strength, the higher the grade number.

Neodymium Circular Disc Magnets

How strong are N52 magnets?

As previously mentioned, N52 magnets are some of the strongest magnets that can be purchased, with a maximum energy product or (BH)Max of 52MGOe (Mega-Gauss Oersteds). The higher the N-rating, the higher flux density, energy density and resistance to demagnetisation that the magnet has. 

N52 magnets are so powerful that particular care needs to be taken when handling or using these magnets. The force of the magnetic field is strong enough to pinch skin or even break a finger. The magnetic field can also disrupt electronic equipment, leading to data loss. 

It’s important to note that the ‘N-rating’ is used to measure the maximum energy product, but the actual strength of the magnet can vary depending on size and shape. N52 magnets come in various shapes and sizes, from small magnets used for clasps or closures to much larger magnets used for industrial machinery or sensors. 

What are N52 magnets used for?

N52 magnets have the benefit of a high strength-to-size ratio, meaning they can be small yet powerful; this makes them perfect for a range of different applications, including both household and industrial uses.

These magnets can be used for household needs, such as to secure latches, create jewellery closures, hang pictures, or keep fixtures in place. They can also be used for audio equipment, such as headphones, speakers and microphones, where mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy for optimal performance.  

Away from the home, scanners are another common use of N52 magnets. For example, MRI scanners need strong magnets to produce a powerful magnetic field that will cause the protons in the body to align with it, therefore allowing for detailed internal images. 

These magnets also have multiple industrial uses, such as for lifting machinery. Thanks to their extreme strength, N52 magnets benefit the engineering industry and can be used for lifting large, heavy objects. In addition, the recycling industry can also use N52 magnets for magnetic separation to remove ferrous materials.

Magnetic Separation Square
N52 Magnetic separation grid

What factors should be considered when choosing an N52 magnet?

If you’re wondering whether to purchase an N52 magnet, you may want to consider some different factors.

Firstly, what are the requirements for your application? N52 magnets can’t operate at temperatures above 80°C and can become less effective if frequently exposed to temperatures near their limit. These magnets can become demagnetised or permanently damaged when exposed to excessive heat above their limit. 

Secondly, what maximum energy product does a magnet need to have for your specific needs? N52 magnets can be expensive, so it’s worth considering if a lower-grade, neodymium magnet (such as an N48 or N50) could be used instead.

What are the benefits of N52 magnets?

N52 magnets have so many benefits when compared to other similar neodymium magnets. Let’s look into which properties give these magnets that competitive edge.


There’s no denying that these magnets are powerful, with a magnetic strength that is 50% stronger than that of N35 magnets; this makes them the perfect magnet for a range of applications and has helped numerous industries to become more efficient.


Neodymium magnets, including N52s, are durable, long-lasting magnets when used correctly. They can withstand demagnetisation under normal use conditions and operate in temperatures up to 80°C. Their magnetic strength decreases by around 1% in 10 years, meaning it can take up to 100 years to notice a difference in the strength.


N52 magnets are remarkably versatile due to their high strength yet compact size; this makes these magnets great for various applications, ranging from industrial to household use. Due to N52 magnets being so strong, they can be used in smaller quantities. Reducing the amount of resources used is always a benefit when the cost of materials increases.

N52 magnets are strong, versatile and have so many uses. If you’d like to learn more about the types of neodymium magnets we sell, please contact our specialist team.

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