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Rare Earth Magnets are the combined name for permanent magnets made from alloys containing rare-earth elements.

The main difference between rare earth magnets and regular magnets is that rare earth magnets are made from alloys of rare earth elements, while other permanent magnets are made up of ferrite or alnico.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available. There are two types:

Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB)                      Neodymium are the strongest magnets available. Neodymium magnets are stronger than Samarium Cobalt magnets

Samarium Cobalt Magnets (SmCo)              Samarium Cobalt magnets offer much higher operating temperatures and higher resistance to corrosion than Neodymium magnets.

They are the strongest permanent magnets, and they deliver incredible performance from small volumes.

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E magnets are an expert manufacturer and supplier of magnets. We offer a full range of magnets including rare earth magnets, pot magnets, Electromagnets, Magnetic catches, Neodymium ring magnets, circular disc magnets, and magnetic separation grids, plus many more.

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We are rare earth magnet specialists and have been supplying magnets for over 60 years. Our online magnets shop is 100% secure, giving you total peace of mind when shopping with us. E magnets are the global leader in the supply of magnets and magnetic assemblies. We are based in the UK and offer free shipping on orders over £50 and order up to 4 pm for next day delivery.

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