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Bunting - Economy Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

Economy Plastic Capped Notice Board Magnets

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A range of economically priced plastic capped magnets available in black,blue,green,red,white and yellow and in two different sizes.

They are small enough so as not to cover your documents or drawings and are easy to put on and take off.
Ideal for notice boards and planning charts. Ideally to be used in pairs whilst the small magnets are also ideal for planning purposes.


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Part #DiameterColourPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
E637BK15 mmBlack0.2kg10 £3.00
E637BU15 mmBlue0.2kg10 £3.00
E637G15 mmGreen0.2kg10 £3.00
E637R15 mmRed0.2kg10 £3.00
E637W15 mmWhite0.2kg10 £3.00
E637Y15 mmYellow0.2kg10 £3.00
E639BK25 mmBlack0.4kg10 £4.01
E639BU25 mmBlue0.4kg10 £4.01
E639G25 mmGreen0.4kg10 £4.01
E639R25 mmRed0.4kg10 £4.01
E639W25 mmWhite0.4kg10 £4.01
E639Y25 mmYellow0.4kg10 £4.01