multiple multicoloured rectangular magnets

Red-Green Go-NoGo Magnet

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The Red/Green Go/NoGo Yes/No Magnet is a plastic coated ferrite magnet that can be used as a planning magnet, warehouse magnet or notice board magnet. One side has a Green plastic coating; the other side has a Red plastic coating. Simply turn the magnet over to swap the main colour seen.

The Red/Green Go/NoGo Yes/No Magnet can be used to show if a warehouse bay has been allocated for stock, or it can be used on a planning board or a notice board to show is a process is on hold or is in progression, or it can be used to indicate any of, for example, Yes or a No, Open or Closed, Start or Stop, Go or NoGo, Clear or Not Clear, Available or Unavailable, In or Out, etc, etc. The potential uses are limitless.

The Red/Green Go/NoGo Yes/No Magnet is also powerful enough to hold paperwork to notice boards.

The Red/Green Go/NoGo Yes/No Magnet can also be produced with different colour combinations (subject to a minimum order quantity – please contact us for a quotation). Examples include White/Black, Yellow/Red, Orange/Yellow, Blue/Yellow, Black/Blue and Purple/Green, etc.


Part #LengthWidthDepthColourPull (Kgs)Package QuantityPriceQuantity
EP62052 mm25 mm13 mmBlue and Yellow15 £4.00
EP62152 mm25 mm13 mmRed and Green15 £4.00